Roman Missal translation -- Canada

Here is a release from the CCCB regarding the new translation of the Roman Missal for Canada. Loose interpretation: don’t hold your breathe.

If you looked at the websites of the English and Welsh, Irish, and Scottish bishops’ conferences you’d think the new Missal was a non-event. There’s just no mention of it.

I suppose at the moment the ‘big news’ in England Wales and Scotland is Pope Benedict’s visit.

I’ve emailed all three conferences to enquire about publication dates. England and Wales and Ireland say they haven’t got recognitio yet. Scotland never replied:nope:

I don’t think I’d quite phrase it that way. It makes sense that they won’t publicly announce anything until they receive the recognitio from the CDWDS. The US already has received recognitio for all of its proposed adaptations and such, Canada is still waiting. If you’re looking to blame somsone, blame the CDWDS not Canada.

The problem is we’ve also been waiting an eternity for the GIRM adaptations which we do not have until today. That is why I think Phemie isn’t too optimistic about the situation.

I really hope that we’ll end up starting next Advent too. It wouldn’t be good if Canada and others were using one translation while the US is using another one.

I’ve met Msgr. Powers a few times, a solid man and a great Priest. I know he’d be in favor of the new translation, so I have to think this isn’t just the CCCB dragging their heels on this.

I don’t know what would make it drag on. The issue with the GIRM I heard is the English and French Bishops do not agree on certain things. That shouldn’t be the issue here since the French Bishops are not affected. Although they are still part of the CCCB, I’m pretty sure they still have their say.

The USCCB has been releasing the proposals and proposed adaptations for years now. The CCCB has, apparently, not released any proposals and is waiting for everything to be finished before releasing anything. I think they’re trying to clamp down on confusion and speculations and are trying to let the process play out naturally.

They shouldn’t have any say in the English translation. I suspect that they are waiting for collects for various Canada-specific Saints’ Memorials to be approved but that doesn’t mean they can’t start catechizing the laïty about the congregation’s responses. I wonder if they’re still arguing to keep the different introductions to the various responses to the Mysterium Fidei.

On one hand I am hoping the GIRM also comes out with the new translation. On the other hand, since its taking forever for the GIRM I hope that doesn’t hold the new Missal back.

There are some parishes in my areas that have Mass in English and in French at separate times (and some “bilingual” Masses). Usually by the same priests.

That will impact on the French bishops, our diocese (in rural Quebec) is a largely French diocese under Mgr. François Lapierre. Similar issues will also exist in Montreal (Mgr Turcotte) and Sherbrooke (Mgr. Gaumond). So this is why the French bishops need to be involved as the new missal will be used in their dioceses and thus falls under their jurisdiction.

Although I don’t understand what the holdup would be on the translations. The new English translations are much closer to the French translations, which was always more faithful to the Latin original than the current English missal is.

The problem is that we live in a digital age and those of us who frequent these sites are sometimes more aware of what is going on than our pastors. We are also the ones doing the questioning. The CCCB can’t avoid questions & confusion when our closest neighbour releases the translation. Why the two Conferences couldn’t collaborate on the things they have in common is beyond me.

It’s more than a little frustrating to have the ORDO use the 2002 GIRM but in our parishes be expected to still be using the 1975 GIRM. It’s also frustrating to see Redemptionis Sacramentum totally ignored and be told by your pastor “Oh, don’t refer to that, it hasn’t been implemented in our diocese.”

“Er, there’s nothing in what I was referring to that isn’t in 3 other Vatican documents issued in the last 15 years, Have they also not been implemented by our diocese?”

Sounds like my parish :smiley:

Well, its still a little over a year. Plenty of time.

At first the translation was the excuse, then it was that they had to have both the English and French versions of the GIRM released at the same time and finally they argued that they were not legally bound to implement the 2002 GIRM until the Missal is promulgated since the GIRM is specific to editio typica tertio. It’s been ages since I’ve been involved in a French or bilingual parish and I just wonder if they’ve ever implemented the 2002 Missal in French or are they still using the first edition in French also?

Good question, I don’t know. Its also been ages since we had a French speaking priest. But the French community still wants a French Mass, so a bilingual Mass has been set up for them. All the parts that are ready by lay people are in French, and all the parts of the priest are in English. The other parish in our neighborhood used to have a French speaking Deacon, but he has since retired.

I just checked the CCCB website and found that in September 2008 they issued a notice concerning the French ORDO for 2009. In that notice they mention that the 2002 Missal contains new celebrations and prayers that are included in that year’s ORDO in a ‘temporary’ translation since the official translation won’t be available “for a few years.” A check of the Conference of Bishops of France website reveals that the CEFTL, the French version of ICEL, is still working on the translations.

Considering the tack they’ve always taken that both translations have to be implemented together, what odds that we’re going to see this before the end of the decade?

I’m also wondering why recognitio is still given per territory. Why not just a universal English Missal? Everywhere you celebrate a Mass in English, use this Missal.

I’m wondering, if we are to use a different language Mass in Canada, where do we get the Missal? For example there are plenty of Chinese Masses in the Lower Mainland. Do we get an approved Missal for, say Hong Kong, for Cantonese Masses? Or does the same Missal still have to receive recognitio from the Holy See for Canada?

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