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I had a priest visit my city the other day, and he says Mass in both the OF and the EF. We got into talking about all kinds of stuff, including my Anglican past and the Personal Ordinariate. Eventually, things turned to the Anglican Use and we had some confusion, so I thought I’d ask your help.

From what I know, there are two “Forms” of the Roman “Rite”: The Ordinary, and the Extraordinary. Now there is also the Anglican “Use”, but it is not a “Form” nor a separate “Rite”. What exactly is its relation to the Roman Rite and its two “Forms”?

We were hesitant to say there are three “forms” of the Roman Rite, but we weren’t quite sure about the meaning of the term “Use” in relation to “Form” and “Rite” either.

Can someone help?


The Anglican Use is indeed a Form, or rather, there are three current Uses in the Roman Rite (Use is the technical term): the Roman Missal of Pope Paul VI, the Ordinary Use of the Roman Rite; the Roman Missal of St. John XXXIII, “an” Extraordinary Use of the Roman Rite, and now we have the Ordinariate Use (the term “Anglican Use” is no longer to be utilized), known as “Divine Worship”.

“Form” just the more familiar word, but we are indeed talking about three Uses of the Roman Rite.


The Zairean or Congolese use never gets any love.:shrug:

Is there any definitive rule that can be applied to differentiate a rite from a use?


If I’m not mistaken, wouldn’t the various uses of different religious orders be taken into account as well? Such as the Dominican Rite?

And what about the Ambrosian?


The Ordinariate Use is basically just the Extraordinary Form in English.


Unfortunately, there’s really no hard and fast rule. The rule of thumb though is, ‘uses’ are often (but not always) used to refer to variants of a given liturgical rite, usually geographic variants. So for example, the Roman Rite as it was used in medieval Salisbury is called the ‘Use of Sarum’ (Sarum being Salisbury’s Latin name), the variant used at York is the ‘Use of York’, etc. When speaking about the liturgies of religious orders though, ‘use’ is AFAIK rarely used; the preferred term is ‘rite’, even though they are also, like the local liturgies, ultimately variants of the Roman Rite: so Dominican rite, Carmelite rite, Camaldolese rite. (Note that I capitalized ‘Rite’ in ‘Roman Rite’ but kept it in lowercase for the others.)

Where things get more confusing is that sometimes, you’ll see ‘rite’ used where you might expect ‘use’: hence the Use of Sarum also occasionally being called the ‘Sarum rite’.

And what about the Ambrosian?

The Ambrosian is a separate liturgical rite altogether, though it’s very heavily Romanized. So there’s no question about it being called a ‘use’.

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