Roman rite latin mass

Hi can anyone help me - i am looking, on the internet, for the text of the Mass in latin. I do not mean the Tridentine rite - I mean the Latin of the modern roman rite, from which the english Mass is translated. Many thanks. eamonn

Hi Eamonnroma - try this link for the Order of the Mass. I’ve printed out a copy for myself & it can be printed in booklet form. I’ve found it very useful.

You can find the Missal in Latin here. The Order of Mass begins here. Sadly, the rubrics aren’t in red. It takes a bit of wherewithal to decipher what’s rubric and what’s prayer.

For red rubrics, try here.


This link goes to Boston Catholic Jouranl website. They will send you a free CD with all the Latin Prayers on it. Christopher Plummer the actor does the reciting of the prayers both in English and Latin. Hey it’s free! Have it on my IPOD now. :thumbsup:

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