Roman, Russian and Irish Catholics?


What’s the difference between the Irish, Russian, and Roman Catholics?

Do the Irish Catholic Priests have wifes? I was told last night that the Irish Catholics “have it right” when talking about having priests with wifes as in the early Church.


While it is true that Irish priests and bishops had wives and children, it is equally true of the Anglo-Saxon church, and of the Merovingian church…ad infinitum. Celibacy as a discipline was introduced into the church around 1000 AD in response to numerous scandals in which the priests put their families before HMC.

As to priests with wives today, I will not comment on the eastern church since I do not wish to be shredded. The Roman Catholic Church has accepted married ex-Episcopalian priests. We have one in our diocese and there was a spot on Fox News today about one out west in California.


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