Romance in a story: Something sinful?


It’s always been something that I heard about books being “emotional porn”, but what does that even mean? Like, does a story that focuses on the tale of two lovers in itself be something sinful like “Romeo and Juliet”, or is it erotic material such as “50 Shades of Gray”? I just know several well written stories that have a romance plot in them and some stories that are just romantic but clean. Is all that stuff just banned? Would watching a show and one of the characters showing a sign of interest in another be in itself something wrong since it’s romantic? The term always confused me and was presented poorly.


Depends on what kind of novel it is *(romance can be good and chaste or not) and what the effect etc is

(as I recall women are more effected in emotional ways …so that may be more of an avenue of temptation).


Romance in a story is not sinful. I do not know what is meant by the term emotional porn, and I am suspect of the agenda behind such a term…

50 Shades of Grey is a book about sexual affairs, including graphic details of encounters, am I right? This would indeed be sinful, as would any book that graphically describes sexual relations.

However, the allusion to the sexual act taking place is not sinful. As an example, there are a few books I have read that described rather delicately the consummation of a marriage. I highly doubt such a brief and delicate treatment of a normal and holy event would be sinful.

As far as romance within the story, I think that is a wonderful aspect to human storytelling. Romance, adventure, intrigue, suspense, conflict and resolution; these are all aspects of the human experience and so, have a rightful place in our storytelling. Even some of the stories within the Bible are romantic, and speak of a deep and tender love between a man and woman who marry.


Barring something grossly over the top, reading Literature is not sinful.


“Romeo and Juliet” is very different than “50 shades of grey”. One is just a romance, while the other includes pornography. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story, but I don’t see it as sinful… it shows a moral dilemma, when one lover loses the other and commits suicide because of it (of course suicide is a very grave sin but I don’t think the story leads anyone to imitate this act). But 50 shades of grey is a book that leads a person to have lustful thoughts because it is indeed very sensual. So back to your question is romance in a story something sinful? No, it isn’t, but pornography is sinful. Two things which are very different from each other. Well, that’s my opinion, I hope it helps you with your doubt. :thumbsup:


Shades of Grey is something quite different due to the morally questionable sexual acts that are described in graphic detail, or so I’m told.

But removing the love of man for woman and vice versa from literature would be like removing… friendship. Or work. Or eating. It’s a part of the human experience and there’s nothing wrong with it.

If you find that it’s leading you to lust, then you might want to re-consider the type of material you’re reading but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it per se.


Reading the headlines of a newspaper could be Pornographic,

Just what is your interpretation of pornography. ?

If a girl in a bikini swimsuit could be interpreted as pornographic,

Then how would you describe a victim of war slowly dyeing and people ignoring them and

Just walking by


The Bible also has some racy parts. Last time I heard, reading it isn’t sin.


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