Romani religion

Does anybody know anything about the religion of the Romani (Gypsies)? I have heard that some are Roman Catholic but many practice the “Romani Religion” which is a blend of pagan and Christian beliefs. We have a Romani family in Wichita that has a Marian grotto in their front yard and always decorates their home at Christmastime. About once a year they have a garage sale and I have always wanted to stop by and ask them if they were Catholic, but frankly I am a bit afraid they might be offended (and maybe place a curse on me) if they aren’t.

What an interesting question!

I don’t think I’d walk up to some family having a garage sale and ask them questions about their religion. Some things are really private information. And - do you really believe someone can place a curse on you??? They can curse you all they want, but it will have no effect on you.

Perhaps at the next garage sale you could strike up a conversation about the Marion grotto. See where the conversation goes.


I have a good friend I’ve known for over 20 years. His family was from Poland and Romania.

His grandmother’s last name was “Romany”…she was a character as he tells it. She went to the Catholic church…but also practiced folk medicine and would “put spells” on people she didn’t like…she was a “practitioner” of some sort. She made up “witch bags”, for lack of a better term, in which she’d put herbs…rocks…bones and assorted other items and provide them to her “clientele”…she also removed the “evil eye” from people…and she blessed homes. She read cards for people as well as palms and tea leaves.

She came to America in the 30’s. He called her a “gypsy”. She left Eastern Europe before the Nazi occupation…she and her family left with little and moved to New York.

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