Romania: 2 million support constitutional amendment to protect marriage


Pro-family activists in Romania have collected more than 2 million signatures on a petition in support of a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Only 500,000 signatures are required to begin the process of a constitutional amendment. But the Coalition for Family, composed of 23 different groups, said that it was deliberately collecting a number of signatures well above that minimum, to show the strength of support for the measure. The signatures collected represent more than 10% of Romania’s total population.


This proposed amendment would be great news and is wholly consistent with EU law.

The ECJ (European Court of Justice) the highest in the EU, respects the right of member states to decide whether to accept or oppose gay marriage/civil unions and accept or oppose abortion. It recognizes that it has no right to infringe upon the competence of EU member states in any areas that fall under family law, including same-sex unions and abortion.


**Can the EU Require Member States to Open Marriage to Same-Sex Couples?

The answer is simple and it is ‘no’,** at least as things stand at the moment. In its judgment in Römer, the Court stressed that ‘as European Union law stands at present, legislation on the marital status of persons falls within the competence of the Member States’. Moreover, the drafters of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights seemed to share the same view, when in the Explanations Relating to the Charter of Fundamental Rights, it was pointed out that the Charter Article providing the right to marry (Article 9) ‘neither prohibits nor imposes the granting of the status of marriage to unions between people of the same sex’.

Because matters that fall within the ambit of family law are (usually) matters for which there is no European consensus and for which it is believed that each Member State should be left alone to make its own choices, family law is an area in which the EU has no competence to legislate. Thus, it is the Member States that can decide in situations that fall within their jurisdiction, who can marry whom, the requirements for divorce, adoption issues, the regulation of assisted reproduction, and any other issues falling within the ambit of family law. The legal recognition of same-sex relationships is no exception to this, and, hence, it is up to each Member State to decide whether it will allow in its territory two persons of the same sex to marry. This has resulted in an EU which is divided between the (mostly northern and western) Member States which have opened marriage to same-sex couples,* and the (mostly central and eastern) Member States which have not,[ii] with some Member States having a constitutional ban on opening marriage to same-sex couples.[iii]


Readers of the Daily Mail will be surprised that there are 2 million people left in Romania. :slight_smile:


Too true :wink:


50 years or more backwards. Nice. Can’t wait to go.




Romania is an Eastern Orthodox country with a low percentage (4%) of Roman Catholics. Similarly, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Byelorussia are Eastern Orthodox countries which do not recognize SS marriage. But countries with large Roman Catholic populations, such as Ireland, Portugal, Mexico and Spain do recognize same sex marriage or ss civil contracts.
BTW, there are 20 million people in Romania.


Good for them, I hope the referendum is successful.


Good for Romania. :thumbsup:


Рarents massively go to work in Schengen countries and this is reflected in the quality of the family institution. This becomes a serious problem of the nation. Nanny-relative and grandmother is good but children need parents. And unfortunately nothing can be done about it.


Yes, why can’t these countries be more like the artificial, materialistic, hedonistic, angry, narcissistic, sexually debased and obsessed United States?


US is near the top of the charity index. I believe such things are important to Jesus, to love one’s neighbor.

Perhaps the great Christian nation so much better than the United States can kindly be pointed out!

Adding on; I once watched one of those religious infomercials like Feed the Children or someone like that, they were in Romania. It was very moving. I know little about there, they have some good soccer, the legends are from their about Transylvannia and so on.


It’s true
Sometimes I wonder by heroism especially older Americans working as volunteers in developing countries, especially ‘‘Peace Corps volunteers’’, which often change their American comfort to a modest living conditions, and often they are volunteering for two years of service.


Helping the poor out of one hand, while slaughtering innocent unborn babies, and attacking marriage and the family, from the other hand.

Sure, the USA is such a moral country. :confused:




No country is without sin because they are made up of people who are sinners.

I do not see what use it is to demonize a country, any country.

Acknowledging that we all need to repent for our sins and pray for forgiveness is more useful.


Haha , I wasn’t taking the USA for example :wink: . Not in my worst dreams. But the idea itself is dumb and retarded. There are so many things to be fixed before insignificant “problems” like these and people care about whether or not gays have sex . Talk about priorities.


I, too, hope that it is successful
If they can do it, we can do it :slight_smile:


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