Romanian president will not approve Muslim prime minister [CC]


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has said that he will not nominate a Muslim woman to be the country’s prime minister, although her party won December elections.



Romania is a Christian country, which is trying to keep the nation within its Christian roots. Many refugees stay in Romania. The nation is not rich enough but many emigrants from conflicting countries dream to this tranzit country. Probably there are some concerns towards the strangers and Islamic influence in the country.


While I would not wish harm on anyone because of there religion, I certainly would not want a Muslim Prime Minister.


I think the proposal of a muslim prime minister was made to put the president in the position of refusing it…politics…


Its interesting , i study Romanian and it looks like there are some Turkish words in vocabulary - bazar, ceai, bacsis, bursuc…(probably also- cazarma, cioban)
The words like - icoana, milostiv, spovedanie, smerit, staret, slujba, vecernie… probably from slavonic(the orthodox church terms) there are too many Latin words, but Turkish words in vocabulary remind about Islamic enslavement in the past. There was a national hero, the leader ( very much respected in Orthodox Church) - Stefan Cel Mare who freed the lands from Islamic oppression. Presumably there are some theories about modern dangers of Islam for the future of the country and Europe in general.


From what I understand of parliamentary systems the party leader is almost automatically the PM. This is ahile ago but I remember the Governor General of Australia refused to appoint the party leader PM and it was caalled a constitutional coup.

More important the who PM eventually is chosen, what are the party’s avowed policies?


By convention the chief of state is bound by the will of Parliament and thus the prime minister is typically the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament. At least this is how the Westminster system works and I am assuming the Romanian system is similar.
There can be unusual cases where the chief of state has to make a judgment call. For example, here in Canada, back in 2011, the Conservatives had a minority government (meaning they had more seats than any other Party but still less than half of the total). The other Parties “ganged up” against the Conservatives and declared the Prime Minister in contempt of Parliament. The Governor General then had a decision to make…either allow a coalition of the opposition parties form a government and appoint a PM from among them or dissolve parliament and call a general election. She went with the latter and the Conservatives won a majority government.


Just for fun a video about built in problems with parliamentary systems even when no one is contesting who should be PM:

Seems at least as bad as the Electoral College.


It looks like, by law the chief of the winning party could not be the prime Minister. And out of his sore Hart he proposed a Muslim candidate. Which was not approved of course, and now there is another guy from his party. It turned out like a joke…My two cents.


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