Romanian Prince Who Died in Jail Is Beatified

Born in a wealthy family, he gave all his money to the poor. This priest traveled from Bucharest to Buenos Aires to Tokyo, helping the poor, troubled and sick. Always travelling in the cheapest class, he heard confessions from people in bars, on the street and in the subways. After the communists took over Romania, he was arrested and tortured as he refused to denounce his faith, then after this he died from the mistreatment to which he was subjected. On August 31 he was beatified by the Church as a martyr.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. What a wonderful priest he was, and may be someday be declared a saint. I for one think he already is.
God Bless him.

Now that is a priest who understands what it means to be “in persona Christi”… God bless him and I will pray that he intercedes on my behalf.

God bless

That is awesome! Praise be to God!

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