Romans 3:23 and Mary?

"For all have sinned, and do need the glory of God. " How do you tell a protestant that doesn’t mean Mother Mary? He keeps on saying…“all…what dose that mean to us Catholics?” He keeps on insisting that Mary sinned. Help!!!

Romans 3:23 does indeed say that all have sinned but does that mean there are no exceptions? Jesus clearly is an exception, he was fully human and yet did not sin. What about babies and very young children who pass away? How could they possibly sin? Clearly St. Paul is making a general statement that admits some obvious exceptions.

If I’m talking to someone and say to them, ‘Hey, nobody’s perfect’ have I somehow denied the sinlessness of Jesus and Mary or am I simply dealing the normal course of events? Its awkward to constantly interject the exceptions to the normal course of events when speaking or writing.

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