Romans 8: 1 katakrima?


In Romans 8: 1 Paul says condemnation (*katakrima), *how serious of a condemnation is katakrima?

Is it a judgment against bad behavior, lack of faith or condemnation as in Hell?

I, without really reflecting on it, thought it is Hell.

I never took the time to carefully look at the Greek. And then I see that there are several words used for condemn and condemnation.

So for help with the Greek–what are your judgments?



My “Word Studies in the New Testament” says this:

Rm 8:1 – as a sentence of condemnation, see Rm 5:16
Rm 5:16 – a condemnatory sentance; "see on ‘shall be damned,’ Mark 16:16.
Mk 16:16 – “A most unfortunate rendering. The word is a judicial term, and as Dr. Morison truthfully says, ‘determines, by itself, nothing at all concerning the nature, degree, or extent of the penalty to be endured.’ See on the kindred noun (krima), judgment …] see 1 Cor 11:29.”







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