Romans:What promises are fulfulled according to Romans?

What promise or promises are fulfilled to which Romans refers?


Can you cite specific passages so we don’t have to search ourselves?

Perhaps Romans 8:28 .

Romans 1: 1-2 …for the Gospel of God, which He promised previously through the prophets in holy scriptures.

The Gospel refers to the good news of the coming of the Messiah, which was foretold by the prophets. If you want to know which prophets, try Google (like I did – I found this for starters).

Dear All:

It is not the prophets, but the promises.

What promises?


This is only my interpretation, but I would assume that the promises God made “through the prophets” could also be called prophesies. And the prophesies promised the coming of Jesus. Is that what you mean?

Genesis 3:15 is probably one of the promises being referenced. I’m just sayin’… :wink:

Just to add, St. Paul concludes his letter to the Romans (before addressing a few more people individually) with a clear reference to this verse in Romans 16:20 where he speaks of Satan being crushed by feet, just like Genesis 3:15.


The promise made to Adam and Eve!

Also, I can now see the promise to Abraham concerning Isaac, and Jacob etc.

Also, since this is before the law of Moses, I can see any person that believes God’s Word written in their hearts; those outside the law.

Would this include children of the Promise(s)?
Would this include children of the Law?


I am the OP.

In Romans 4: 13
The PROMISE to Abraham and his descendents, that they should inherit the kosmos

How about the New Covenant prophecies in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36?

Oh, YES!

I like the* komos *because I see it joined to we with our new hearts are made harmonious with the Divine Will.

Romans 4:13 actually refers back to Genesis 17:4-6.

God spoke to [Abram] as follows,
4 'For my part, this is my covenant with you: you will become the father of many nations.
5 And you are no longer to be called Abram; your name is to be Abraham, for I am making you father of many nations.
6 I shall make you exceedingly fertile. I shall make you into nations, and your issue will be kings.

There are many, many promises!

Is there a set list?

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