Rome broke away from the True Church first!

Ok in one of the posts i found these links to a Church that claims THEY were the true Church and Rome broke away from them!! They even have an “authentic but hidden for the ages” letter of their leader writing to Pope Sylvester telling him to stop this division and reunite with the True Church wich is headed by the exiled leader of the Church of Jerusalem!:confused:

WOW! Never saw this claim before:eek: ! Anyway here are the links. I want to know your oppinions and defenses.

Jesus said his Church is like a City on a Hill, for the whole world to see.

Where was this City for this last 1700 yrs???

In Christ!

What sources do they have? A letter typed into a computer (not even a scan of a certified document) doesn’t constitue proof of ANYTHING.

I could certainly type up phony historical documents and put them on a webpage claiming how everyone knows that as of 500 BC the spagetti monster is the one true god, but that wouldn’t make it true.

Jesus told the apostles to make disciples of all nations.

How come this “church” has accomplished so little in the past 2,000 if they are in fact the one "true’ church built by Christ Himself and lead by the Holy Spirit?

Fruit? Where is the fruit?

It seems they are Judaizers. They reject the teaching of St. Paul and they had a big beef with non-Jews being priests.

It is true that Judaizers have been around for a long time–they come and go (new sects that have sprung up recently are usually called Jews for Jesus or Messianic Jews).

And why did the gates of hades prevail against this Church for so long???

In Christ!

t’s quite well done, but it has a twentieth century feel to it.

We urge you to understand the rightful place of the headship of the Church on earth, which is to be in Jerusalem and not in Rome. For none of the Apostles ever spoke of the headship of the Church which is of Mshikha ever being in Rome. Our Lord Yeshua appointed His own bloodline to oversee His Church and this was done in Israel, and not outside of the land. Those from among the Greeks are not rightly appointed unto the Holy of Holies by any divine decree and we forbid it, for it is an abomination in the House of the Lord.

That’s just a little bit too convenient. He also uses “Israel” as a territorial expression, a Sola Scriptura argument against the primacy of the See of Peter and Greek prieshood, and he refers to the Holy of Holies 250 years after the destruction of the sanctuary.

The only thing I could find on the organisation from a Catholic source was this

The Church of Jerusalem (Nasraya Mshikhani Church of Yerushalayim) is independent and is not in communion with any denomination.

Many years back there was a book titled 1066 and All That, a parody on English History. There was a chapter in there explaining how the Pope and the other Catholics broke away from King Henry’s true church. :smiley: It was rather well done.

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