Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn

Ok, I know a bunch of you here on CAF have read this book. Can someone tell me about it? :slight_smile:

It’s a rather short book with alternating chapters by Scott and Kimberly Hahn, recounting their journey to the Catholic faith. They didn’t both come along at the same rate, and Kimberly had more issues to resolve than her husband and so it took longer for her. It’s a quite readable book, almost a page turner. I recommend it!

So it is a good book for someone who is waivering in their faith? Or could it work for someone who’s a good Catholic?

Here is what i wrote in another thread

Don’t worry it is a very very fast read since you never want to put it down!

The first time read for the story and feel the pain of the struggle they each went through. The second time pull out your bible, a pencil, a highlighter and a notebook and have fun! You will see so many thing you will want to research and ponder.

Both. —KCT

I read it and thought it was a really engrossing and inspiring story. I especially loved it after having had a long on-going “debate” with some Protestants. My sister recommended as she found it very helpful in dealing with one of her Evangelical friends who did not consider her to be a Christian since she was Catholic.

I have to warn you though, that I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in one evening.

It works for both. An inspiring read for sure.

It is a great book for someone considering the Catholic Church. Especially an evangelical protestant. How do I know? Because I was one. A good Catholic friend gave me a copy of the book about one year before I started RCIA. I was wavering, had a lot of issues. The book was not the only reason but sure gave me a great big spiritual lift!!

Dave, Catholic since this past Easter Vigil!!

Praise God

As a cradle Catholic I found the book to be a kick in the rear end, so to speak. Here was this ex-anti-Catholiv Protestant minister turned Catholic, who knew the Catholic Faith better than I did.

It got me reading and studying, both the Bible & Church Teaching. I had to “be able to give a reason for the Faith than is in [me].”

I;ve heard Scott Hahn speak on EWTN and if the book is anything as amazing a speaker as he is than it must be great.

He talks so beautifully and easy to understand. Obviously a very very intelligent man. I feel certain that it was the Holy Spirit working in him.

If I find a copy, I will buy it.:thumbsup:

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