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I am from the UK - but would love to get married in Rome I have read that upto two months from the date of the wedding you can have an audience with the pope? Has anyone done this…?? I would love any info - how easy is it to marry abroad?


Take a look here on my Catholic Bridal Forum: Our Lady’s Brides

I could swear that we have a member who did that very thing and there are photos of them when they met with the Pope.

You might have to surf for it a bit, but I’ve not ever deleted anything, so it should still be there, and you can ask the member what she did to plan for it.


Wow! An audience with the Pope!

A Rome wedding sounds great. No advice to offer here… just congrats. I did honeymoon in Southern Italy - but you being from the UK, I am sure you have been all over Europe! I love the cheap flights from London.


I have traveeled quite a lot been to every continent in the world but my h2b isnt so lucky he has only been to Spain, France and New York so he is excited about goiong to Italy!!!

Has anyone been married abroad?

You do not have to be married in Rome to obtain seating in the special newlywed section of the Wednesday Papal Audience.

My husband and I went to Rome for our honeymoon and we attended the Papal Audience. This is not a private audience, it is the general audience held every Wednesday.

Newlyweds can sit in a section designated for them by obtaining a special ticket. You need a certificate to prove your marriage is (A) Catholic and (B) within the last two months.

Wearing your wedding garb is optional, but everyone does AND if you want to get a seat in the front you need to wear your wedding garb. Some people have been refused entrance when not in wedding attire.

Here is a link to the North American College website which assists those from the US in obtaining the proper tickets.

You should check with your Chancellory Office in your Diocese since you are from the UK. They should be able to assist you. I’m sure there is something equivalent for the UK.

That was me!

I don’t know if things differ in the UK but here’s what I just had to do for a couple of Canadians getting married in Jamaica. Note that what follows is only about the Church, I have no idea if there were special legal requirements that they had to worry about (but usually resorts take care of those – unless you got married in the Dominican Republic where a recent case shows hundreds of couples whose marriages were celebrated but never registered, apparently an expensive scam perpetrated by a few resorts) – but I digress.

First they had to find a priest in Jamaica to marry them. That was their responsibility. (Get the name of the priest, his parish and his diocese and have a firm commitment from him to celebrate your marriage on a specific date along with any costs that you will incur for the use of the church, his time, etc.)

Then they had to see our pastor and do everything they would normally have to do to get married: prenuptial investigation, marriage preparation, etc.

Then our pastor sent all the marriage documents to our bishop for a ‘Testimonial Letter’ and any necessary dispensation (in this case no dispensation was needed).

After signing the ‘Testimonial Letter’, the bishop forwarded the documents to the priest who was to marry them.

That priest then had to forward the documents to his own bishop to obtain his Nihil Obstat to marry them. The documents were then returned to the parish priest who could then proceed with the celebration.

It takes a while. Now, that said, your pastor may have connections in Rome that could help you. Mine does and I’m sure that if someone were to come to him with the request he’d put them in touch with one of his friends who might be able to help.

NO WAY!!! LOL!! I could not for the life of me remember who that was!!!

Well, glad it WAS you then! Wow - that seems like ages ago, I must be getting old or something!


My parents ended up at this by accident! :stuck_out_tongue: They were in Rome as part of their honeymoon, went to Mass, were ushered into the newly-wed section, and they were the only ones not wearing their wedding clothes!

Go for it, bunny, I think it would be really neat to get married in Rome. ^^

I know they do them at St. Peter’s. We were going to have our baby baptised there(we were stationed in Italy), but decided against it because of the travelling. Check out that’s where we found the info on baptisms(FYI it’s really easy to have a baptism done at St. Peters, just faxing the paperwork). Anyway, about weddings,I don’t know all the specifics, but I know it’s done. That wasn’t much help, was it?

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