Rome will be conquered next, says leader of Islamic State


Maybe I should go buy some boots to shake in? Although I’m pretty sure that the “if God wills” qualifier he put at the end there is false, even if he doesn’t know it, so maybe not.


The last time someone sacked Rome, there were no US nuclear power submarines or aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. The NSA knows every time Putin’s toilet flushes. I would not worry too much about what the radicals say they want to do, as much as they would like to do it.

If by some chance they were even able to get close, even if only credible plans were found, it would bring about the same unintended consequences that led to OSBL ending up on the ocean floor.

That’s not nationalistic bravado, that really happened.


Uh… doesn’t Assad gas his own countrymen? I hope we don’t get into bed with that monster.


Maybe he meant Rome, New York? If so, he’s gonna hate the winters.


They can try it. It’d be a bad day to be muslim should they try.


Firstly, there was no confirmed evidence that he did this. I believe it was nothing but propaganda that was put out to try to demonize President Assad. But we do know that the ones who are fighting against Assad are extremely barbaric terrorists who behead and crucify people. This alone should have been more than enough reason why the US should not support them since even if Assad were bad how could this be better?

Secondly, the rebels (many of which are foreign fighters) started the war. Assad did nothing to provoke them. He only reacted to their aggression. And the motive for the anti-Assad rebels is to replace the Shia government with a Sunni Islamist one. Any leader of a country would fight back against a violent attempt at overthrowing the government. If, for example, people tried to violently overthrow the Obama admin don’t you think that Obama would use everything at his disposal to fight back?




They most certainly are serious about this. Muslims realize that the Catholic Church is the original Christian church - and that we consider the Pope to be the successor of St. Peter, given authority over the Church by Jesus Himself. Because of this, even with the fractures in Christianity, the Catholic Church is still seen as the bulwark of Christianity. ISIS wants to conquer Rome to destroy Christianity in its entirety.


We must forgive our enemies. It says nothing about keeping them alive. Sometimes evil only answers to the use of force to protect the innocent. I see Obama is silent on air strikes, but sit on his hands whilst the enemies of America build a power base across two nations. Is he as stupid as it would appear?


Haven’t they been saying this since the late 600s?

It always appears like Rome will be conquered, however they are dealing with the Holy Spirit.


Yes, that’s how I take the reference to Rome. If he wanted to attack the secular West he would have said New York. I think he’s talking about Christianity as an enemy. Ironic, isn’t it - I mean let’s face it, outside of the Vatican, Italy is probably about as Christian these days as Iraq.

They better leave Rome alone though - I love that city with all my heart and soul.


I agree.
Rome as the capital of Italy is insignificant (compared to New York, Berlin or other Western cities), so there would be hardly any need to single it out. Rome as the seat of the Holy See, however… that it very much different.


:thumbsup: yes, many of the leaders are highly educated. I believe they long for the golden age of Islam.


Taking Italy (Sicily, Sardinia and parts of the mainland had been briefly part of the Islamic world a millennium ago) would mean they’d control the whole of the Mediterranean apart from what would be a vulnerable southern coast of France.

It’s an Islamic dream world.


Terrorism is indeed likely in Rome as it is in the USA, and other countries in Europe. Frankly I don’t see the world conversion to barbaric murder, genocide and slavery while pledging alliance to Allah at Ramadan. I highly doubt a repeat of Rome falling to Islam is on the agenda. Its delusional and at this rate of delusional and at wild imagination Lucifer might give a public world wide speech.


He won’t be leading any fights to capture Rome. At most, he will get a few young Muslims from elsewhere to join his forces in Syria and Iraq before he himself is killed.


I would love to steal his line, especially since I can’t remember the name of the Fox News commentator who said it, “Obama will take two weeks to study all his options, and then act on none of them.” If these guys commit one more atrocity, he will retaliate by giving another speech.


I don’t really anticipate a military conquest (in the mold of Mehmet’s conquests hundreds of years ago).

Having said that, though, I can picture that his words inspiring a few radicalized Muslims living in Italy. A very small number of terrorist attacks, perpetrated by a very small number of radicalized individuals, could have the very real possibility of backlash…if not by the government, by the populace at large. This could result in the polarization of Muslim immigrants and the Christian Italian natives…which, in turn, would destabilize the country. When you consider some of the riots that have occurred in Muslim enclaves in other countries, you have a potentially really bad situation.

Again, not started by most Muslims living in Europe, but I could definitely see them being drawn in as the eventual consequence of the actions of a few radicalized people.

Not only in Italy, consider that the Islamist, Erdogan, currently filling the role of Prime Minister, is very likely to become the next President of Turkey. Combine that with a continued dominance of the AKP in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, you have situation where the secular state established by Mustafa Kemal, will continue having the walls between Mosque and State being broken down (in fact, a lot of the Turks I know mockingly call Erdogan “Sultan Recep”). While I don’t ever think that Turkey, as a State, will join ISIS…I can definitely see them involving themselves if there was to be a backlash as I described above.


Yea, I agree, I think Isis and the media has a profound effect, just as mass murder televised here in the US does. Only Isis has that specific militant, radical message attached, and in the name of God. They get past Baghdad I’ll be mighty impressed. The world is basically using that for a staging area to fight against Isis. His media broadcasting is a major issue.


Pope Francis’ actions show that he has a very different view of Islam than you.

Why would he meet with leaders of a Religion that advocates war and murder? He is a bright guy and if what you say is the truth then the Holy Father would surely know this right?

Or do you believe that Francis has been influenced by “Western Liberalism”?

Why do so many Catholics here on CAF take such a different view of Islam than that apparent in the actions of Francis?

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