Romeing the Globe!

I put this into the vocations subsection because I feel like this is going to begin my serious discernment.

In 4 hours I begin my journey to Rome. I plan on staying in a monastery near Vatican City. I am so excited but also very scared. I will be traveling alone and I speak very little Italian. I set my heart on this trip and found a way to make it economically feasible.

I have been blessed with many friends who have helped this far with travel and boarding arrangements. Please pray that this trip goes smoothly and that my adventure in the eternal city will be a life changing experience.

If you have any advice or suggestions please feel free to include them and keep in mind it’s too late for me to give up and stay home. If you don’t have any words of wisdom, I would appreciate a quick prayer that everything goes well and that I get on the path of my vocation.

Travel insurance!

English is spoken widely in Rome so don’t worry too much about language.

Don’t ride the busses if possible. They are very crowed and known for pickpockets who are very adept at what they do. Also they employ children to distract you and the kids too will pickpocket you. They appear as beggars, or pregnant women seeking help. That was our biggest problem in Rome as a number in our group were victims of this kind of theft. If you have to ride the bus make sure you money and passport are securely tucked inside your shirt or pants never in a pocket, and if you carry a bag keep it pressed against your chest with your arm around it. I don’t want to scare you but it is a big problem in Rome, especially around the Spanish Steps, outside the Coliseum and in Vatican Square, so try to avoid being sandwiched in.

And you take your life in your hands crossing the street but don’t wait for cars to stop before you cross otherwise you’ll stand on the corner for hours. Just start walking and they will stop. They will probably curse you but since you don’t understand too much Italian just smile and wave.

Otherwise you will really enjoy Rome. It is one of my favorite cities to visit.

There isn’t much to insure. I am flying and living for next to nothing.

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