Rome's near-abandoned Guadalupe shrine marks feast

*The Dec. 12 feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe brings more of a crowd than usual – there are nearly 50. At the same time, as many as six million people are making the pilgrimage to the original back in Mexico while a 20,000 man-strong security force is guaranteeing their safety.

Here, the basilica’s lone young doorman is distracted as he assembles a tarpaulin-covered nativity scene in a dark corner of the church.

This is Rome’s shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

With its humble appearance and the peeling paint on the stone and plaster walls, this is another of Rome’s great treasures. And as many of the myriad treasures that find a home in this city, not many know about it.*

This is so sad! I know the people of Rome have an abundance of spiritual riches to choose from, but in such a large city surely the shrine should attract more people. I wonder if it is even listed in tour guides? Not that I would want hordes of tourists to descend on the church, but so that the faithful visitors to Rome can be aware of the shrine.

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