Romney stands by message in secret video

Mitt Romney said tonight he stands by his message in a secretly taped video, in which he is heard saying that 47% of Americans will vote for President Obama because they are “victims” and “dependent upon government.”

In brief remarks to reporters, Romney said his comments were not “elegantly stated” and “spoken off the cuff” during a fundraiser months ago.

Jonah Goldberg, writing in the conservative National Review Online, summed up the response like this:
To read many of the reactions on Twitter, you’d think Mother Jones had just found video of Mitt Romney strangling a hooker with her own pantyhose. It’s over! Devastating!

From my experiences with people I know personally who are voting Obama this November, Mitt Romney is right. Man more and more Mitt’s telling me he really has become the conservative he’s talking about.

I hope Romney does stand by his message; it will be the first time he has stood by anything he said. The part that got me was when he said that Obama voters think they’re entitled to everything, including food, housing, and health care. Are Americans–the (working) poor, elderly, disabled–not entitled to the basic necessities of life? To be fair, however, I’m sure he meant they are not entitled to government handouts. Still, it was a chilling comment. And is it really true that 47% of Americans don’t pay any income tax? How about other taxes?

Of course that is what he believes- he’s a Conservative. It’s nice to hear him actually say it though- as disturbing as it it.

I don’t see this getting any traction on the national stage though. Too much going on in the world now.

It is really true that only about half the country pays no income taxes whatsoever, yes.

Only about 64% the country actually works any sort of a job too. We have record numbers of people on disability.

One of the biggest societal problems we have, even though no one wants to talk about it, is what happens when the baby boomers retire and no one is willing to get off their duffs and take their place in the workforce, particularly in the less glamorous jobs. I have no idea what will happen then.

From an October 2011 USA Today article:

Question: So the reports that half the U.S. doesn’t pay taxes are true?

Answer: No, they’re not. According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington, D.C., **46% of tax filers will owe no federal income tax this year. **But when you figure in payroll taxes — such as those for Social Security, Medicare and unemployment — more than 80% of tax filers pay some kind of federal tax. And that doesn’t include sales taxes, state taxes, local taxes, gas taxes, etc., which catch just about everyone.


So yes, the percentage is correct for those who do not pay federal income taxes.

If the country re-elects Obama, they will get everything they deserve and more. I won’t vote for him because I don’t want it on the conscience or my soul. Nevertheless, if it happens, I’m not going to feel sorry for anyone because people will have brought it on themselves.

If Romney wins, I"ll be relieved.
If Obama wins, I’ll :popcorn: as long as I can afford it and wait for the next election.
This country is messed up. But then I knew that. Some people can only learn the hard way. A lot of people are like that, in fact.

Just watched the video- how pompous.

Um. . . . yeah, that probably wont get Romney any good press or any additional votes.

And big surprise!! This little news bit isn’t on FOX news front page. :smiley:

Mitt…the gift that keeps on giving,


Oh Mittins. :rolleyes:

Wait… let me get this straight… The Democrats are pointing their fingers at Romney while Pelosi is still at large? Am I hearing this correctly?

So Romney attacks the lazy bums living off of welfare. The kind I see in Illinois all the time. The types that fill their grocery carts up with food (I’m talking to the brim) and get in line in front of me. Then when they go to pay (and I’ve seen this more than once by the way) and they’ll reach into their pocket and pull out a big wad of cash and go, “oh yeah” and put it away. Out comes the Illinois Link Card. On behalf of all taxpayers everywhere, you are welcome Mr. drug dealer. God Bless.

Knowing my experiences with the moderator, I’m sure this post is going to be removed for its absolute lack of charity.

Well, I don’t know if she’s at large. She’s been out of the limelight lately but it probably takes months to find enough skin to get yet another facelift going. Probably her family no longer kisses her on the “cheek,” let’s put it that way. :eek:

I hear you. We have the same thing here.

“The better part of valor is discretion.” --Shakespeare

Whatever happened to that. A side issue but a significant one is who are these people that are always taking private videos and recordings of people (e.g. Michael Phelps, Prince Harry). They are the real scumbags.

There is a serious lack of class, tact and decorum in our culture. An offshoot (unintended consequence) of the overall relaxing of mores and ethics… which leads to an uncertain understanding of right and wrong.

If it’s for money then there you go another example of our obsession with celebrity wealth and fame. Welcome to your fifteen minutes…

I agree the hidden video recorders can share the honors with the politicians.

I agree with that too. But I also think that rich people running around without pants are almost begging to be photographed. Maybe they are so silly and decadent that they think that they can do this without repercussions, but they’re wrong in this day and age. There’s only so much that money, power and royal status can do to cover up your butt if you’re going to take your your pants off and flaunt it in public.

They were in a private hotel room(s) with “friends”…

Is it a secret if USA Today has it?

If Obama tells lies in the woods, does he make a sound?

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