Romney to denounce Mormonism next?


An interesting article from the Washington Post. You may have to register to read it:

Cohen asks if Romney will flip-flop on his religion next.


Looks like he has moved to more traditional LDS values in recent years. I think he thinks that being more Mormon will give him a better chance at the presidency. :rolleyes:


He’s just a pretty face, with no substance.

There are, I think, 15 Mormons in Congress, so a Mormon can definitely get elected, but probably not to the Presidency. Just think of all the Joseph Smith stories that would be running on national TV if Romney were actually to get the Repub nomination.


Seemed like a cynical character assasination to me! I like Mitt, he seems like a nice boke!


Don’t be quick to accept Romney. It was only a mere 4 years ago that he was vehemently pro-choice. He became pro-life once he began to aspire to the presidency.


If you want to know just how hypocritical Romney is, read this.

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