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So, for those who don’t know Ron Luce-- he’s the head of Teen Mania Ministries and he’s also coordinator of Acquire the Fire and BattleCry Campaign.

I remember I used to go to a church which promoted the hell out of his BC Campaign, and I was so caught up in it, that I blindly followed it like I was taking a long walk on a short cliff.

And when I went to the actual BattleCry Campaign event, I remember I was originally pumped up for this event…until I heard about the message that I was getting myself involved with…basically Mr. Luce was talking about how if you’re apart of it, live it, listen to it, like it, etc.-- you’re a follower of culture. In other words, he was deducting that anybody whose caught up in the mainstream world of culture, and not Christian, that automatically makes you the enemy.

Months later after that event…I was completely baffled and went ‘Are you freaking kidding me???’ That feeling was there when I first heard it, but I couldn’t believe that he would actually preach that to kids.

And what was so strangely ironic is that while he preaches this kind of philosophy, that it’s completely ignorant of what the Apostle Paul preached about when he was debating with the pagans-- he was very into the culture and counteracted it to prove a point about his Christian faith that he was spreading.

I knew that I could no longer become apart of this movement, and resigned. And last year, I discovered this website about other people who were involved with Ron Luce’s pseudo ministry, and regretted it since then.
Recovering Alumni

Anyway, has anybody else here ever come in contact with any BattleCry Event or Teen Mania sect? I feel it’s become a cult in it’s own right.

Not part of my experience, but it’s great that you wish to use your experience to help others.
May God bless and guide you.

I don’t know much bout that experience but what I do know is that sometimes one has to be part of the culture( or another ) in order to change the culture.

God bless you on you’re journey.

Thank you everyone.

I haven’t really joined this cause at all, but I’d like to work with them. I actually emailed them early this month to see how things are going, and if there’s gonna be anymore updates at all.

Anyway, so I guess nobody else here has heard of Ron Luce or any other activities he’s involved in?

No sorry, I’ve never heard of the guy or the ministry. But I can tell you this much - there are a LOT of false prophets out there. And there are a lot of so-called “ministries” that are really only money-making deals for their creators. It is nice to want to help others, but I’ve seen folks burned by a ministry who end up wasting countless precious time trying to attack those ministries from the outside and every bit as obsessed with debunking as they were being brainwashed into being good little followers.

Consider this a good lesson! You will most likely be a bit more cautious before rushing into following any one person or any one ministry in the future. Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep more time spent in prayer instead of following “exciting” ministries designed and marketed to attract a certain demographic and make money. Consider yourself lucky for having discerned the truth early.

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