Ron Rhodes and Lou Barbieri

Are these Catholic authors? My wife got hold of First and Second PETER by Lou Barbieri and Why Do Bad Things Happen if GOD is Good by Ron Rhodes.

We just want to amke sure they are Catholic authors… and not wolves in sheeps clothing. I couldn’t really find anything on the internet about htem… that gave an answer anyways. Thx for your time.


As far as I know Ron Rhodes is not Catholic, and believes the Catholic church teaches some erroneous things. I think he is bible Christian. I don’t know about Lou Barbieri.

I’ve never even heard of the other gentleman,
but from what I gather, Ron Rhodes is very opposed
to numerous Catholic teachings and has even
written a book attacking them, called,

It is written from a fundamentalist protestant perspective.

Why drink from a dry well when there are many fine Catholic authors out there?

God bless,

Ron Rhodes is anti-Catholic but not mean anti-Catholic. He has appeared on numerous Christian radio stations here in So Cal. He has also authored a book on how to share your Christian faith with Catholics…

Anyways, hope that helps.


Thank you all for the replies… it helps :slight_smile:

This assumes that Catholics do not have the Christian faith. Very sad.


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