Ronald Reagan Christmas address - 12-23-81


Ronald Reagan Christmas address - 12-23-81

Quite a difference - no?


Yes, indeed.

Thank you very much for the link.

I hope your Christmas was merry and wishing you a blessed and happy 2011.


Uplifting! Thanks for the link.
God bless Mr. Reagan. God bless us all.


Did the Obamas do a Christmas White HOuse special where they show their tree and decorations like Bush and Reagan did? Also, did the Clintons?


**Decorations are nice, but Mr. & Mrs. Obama never mention Jesus, as President Reagan did (as a matter of fact, they have any reference to Jesus removed when they speak at Catholic Institutions!)

God Bless President Reagan, as he declares that he believes Jesus is Divine & states that every child, every life is a “GIFT FROM GOD!!!”
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



Reagan wasn't perfect but he had core beliefs that guided him and that he never, ever backed down from. Watching that clip actually made me sad and a bit nostalgic....30 years later we live in a time where political correctness and the effort "not to offend" anyone takes complete priority over the core values, beliefs, and founding principals (Canada, US, etc).

I'd love to see Obama give a televised address like that but..that'll never happen.....he's too smooth and politically correct. Even if he believed what Reagan said....he wouldn't have the guts to say it like Reagan did....not in 2011 which is too bad.

I miss having a leader that can inspire people with words...and back them up with conviction, even if that conviction costs them votes or "offends" people.

Anyways.....thanks for the clip. It was great seeing it.


Thank you for the link.

It was uplifting to see, but it is also sorrowful when thinking that in 29 years we have gone from a president openly discussing Jesus as well as Christmas and Hanuka to a president who avoids our savior like the plague.


Indeed. Very fast.


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