Ronnie Lee Gardner to be executed by firing squad on June 18

The Board of Pardons and Parole has denied killer Ronnie Lee Gardner’s commutation request, meaning his June 18 execution by firing squad will move forward as planned.

Executioners share motives, describe their roles in death by firing squad**

“To me it was just an assignment, nothing more than getting an order to do something like kicking in a door to serve a warrant,” said a member of the squad, one of three who agreed to break their silence as another firing squad execution – only the third in the nation since Gilmore’s – looms in Utah.
They want to help people understand.
“I don’t think any of us were motivated by a sense of revenge,” another of the trio said. “We took it very seriously and wanted to do it right.”


I dont think I could have done it.

I’m against the death penalty for America today, but if we take it as a given, I think a firing squad is an interesting way of doing it.

  1. It strips all the sophistry away and reveals execution for what it is. Kinda like pictures of an abortion.
  2. If only 3 or 4 of the 5 shooters have bullets in the shells (the remainder being blanks), there MIGHT be less damage to the conscience of the executioners.
  3. On the other hand, there are now 5 potentially affected executioners instead of 1. Maybe that’s not a good thing.

I agree.

UT law has been changed since Gardner was sentenced, where, he made the choice as to how he would be executed. Now, there is only lethal injection in UT.

The sooner we get scum like this out of the gene pool the better.
Think of it as quality control for the human product.

I do not believe that we should abolish the death penalty, but I do believe that when we are forced to use it, we should be sad. Most people who get the DP had so little chance in life that we should be ashamed that so many fall through the cracks.

But in a way, maybe abolishing the DP would be bad precisely because it draws our attention to our failures. Americans tend to think about people as isolated individuals, responsible for pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, but that is not the *Catholic *way to think about these things. As Catholics, we should realize that we are all in this together.

it is very hard to think this way about an unrepentant criminal, or an arrogant SOB like kids who just want to see what it’s like or whatever, but even then, if people had offered up enough prayers? maybe then there would have been that little extra bit of grace for someone which would have pulled him over the line.

I dont know about not abolishing the DP, i always wonder how a catholic can support the DP but oppose euthanasia. If the state can kill someone without their consent why can someone choose to end their own life? It’s very inconsistent.

Prayers won’t stop people from killing. Once somebody like this is caught you can’t think of him as a human being. Humans don’t do that to each other. The “entity” for lack of a better term that won’t be converted to ****** must be destroyed.

Justin, I don’t know where you got your philosophy on sin and redemption, but it sure wasn’t from Jesus.

May God have mercy on his soul, and on all those involved in the sentencing and execution. :highprayer:

It’s esay to understand the death penalty: Punish the guilty. Cherish the innocent.

Eye for an eye; works for me.

How can they still use the firing squad if it is outlawed?
Is Utah the only state that had the firing squad, or are there still states that use it?
Do any still hang people?

New Hampshire technically authorizes hanging only if lethal injection cannot be given.

Washington administers lethal injection unless the inmate requests hanging

Thanks. Does any state still use the electric chair?

Wikipedia says that Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia do (plus Kentucky and Tennessee in some cases), as of 2008. Virginia used theirs in March 2010.

When Gardner was sentenced to die 25 years ago, he chose firing squad at that time. When the new law was put into effect since that time, it wasn’t retroactive. Any on death row who had already chosen firing squad is what they get. There is one more man who chose the same.



It’s over. May God have mercy on his soul.

BREAKING: Ronnie Lee Gardner executed by firing squad, pronounced dead at 12:20

The teaching of the Church is that you may protect yourself or society by using deadly force. The DP is considered protection of society. Euthanasia is not.

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