Ron's legacy and yours too if you want


It is indeed a pleasure for me to speak on behalf of Ron. I’ve known Ron over 60 years now. In that time he has shown himself to be a man of conviction. (he doesnt talk much about the time he spent in jail)
Ron did it his way. He tried to do it Frank Sinatra’s way but accumulated too many regrets. Then he tried to Jesus Christ’s way but the bar was just too high. He found himself being disappointed time and again. Finally he said to himself “I’m doing it my way. That way I have no one to blame but myself.”
So it was the “no blame” game he chose in the end.
Ron suffered severe misanthropy throughout his life. This terrible disease confined him to a keyboard so he developed his skills to become a “keyboard warrior”. He felt he had the required amount of minimal courage to fulfill the role. This made him public enemy number 74 on several Internet forums.

Ron was full of good intentions. And that is all that matters. Don’t you think? OK he didn’t do any volunteer work or help the poor but deep down he wanted to. And he acted quite charitably to one person by accident the other day, by saying “Hi. How are you?” He was half-heartedly concerned about the person. Better than zero hearted I say.

(to be cont)


Who is Ron?


Click on GoodCatholic’s avatar.


I knew I had seen that name somewhere…


what’s your life story to this point sorrows? maybe you can make yours sound more cheerful than mine. we all need cheering up on here and I am failing miserably today.


oh, you probably Don’t want my life story.
it would not help cheering anybody up at this point - maybe a year from now!


How about some poetry from goodcatholic’s proxy instead?


As old as GC may be
Like me
He encourages others to be free
Don’t be a slave to sheep mentality
Question those with an EWTN personality
Find out what God really meant
Don’t settle for a glib assessment
Yes Jesus left some clues
And its more than just the Good News
its not a sin to be yourself
Though some will say it is.


Looks like EWTN Catholics are going to flag me off this forum again.
If I suddenly disappear you’ll know why.


Oh no. Hopefully not! LOL. I read some of the comments on that thread.


Hey sorrows. Would you describe yourself as an EWTN catholic?


That could be a new order created. The EWTNers. To enter the order, you have to have watched 10 000 hours of their channel.


When I had EWTN, there were certain shows I enjoyed and some I didn’t care for.
Remember, I have only been Catholic for
10 years, so I was not aware of Mother Angelica or Fulton Sheen until I was in my
mid 50’s.

I just saw your latest post. I am pretty sure I watched under 10,000 hours of EWTN.


under 10 000? sorry you don’t make the grade sorrows


Let me go grab my bongos and we can have a poetry slam. :peace_symbol::older_woman::smoking:


Catholics with an EWTN personality?
My faith is served medium snarky,
failure with consistency.
I need to drink more coffee.
The house is messy.
There, that’s my legacy.


I will lose sleep tonight over this post.


Poor dear. You should sue. :crazy_face:


You’re truly a Prophet :roll_eyes:

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