Roommate Dilemma

I just moved into the dorms at my new college, and my roommates have gotten settled in and everything. I came back to the dorm, and a few of them were watching cartoons on one of those illegal anime/cartoon streaming sites. As they’re illegal, I’m against it, but I’m not sure what to do about it.
I told them I was uncomfortable with it, but to tell me when they were going to in the future so I could leave the room. Is there something more I should do about this?

No. I mean I’m assuming it’s just the fact that they’re watching it from an illegal site that’s the problem and not because the content itself is somehow illegal. But no. You just do your thing and you let them do theirs. I mean even leaving the room is a bit unnecessary. Because all you’re really doing is inconveniencing yourself during those times.

Just relax and realize not everyone is going to have the same values. They aren’t always going to think like you do. Not yet anyway. But I mean I’m glad you said something about it. That’s a good thing to do.

But the rest of it is just this. The key is to just be you. Be you in a way that makes them want to be more like you too. Making them feel like you’re judging them when you’re around is not going to do that.



College is a tough gig. If you have strong views on anything, then let them be known. But do your best to go with the flow.

You don’t have to join in, but if you isolate yourself you’re going to make it a lot tougher. There may be one or two guys in the dorm that will end up as life-long friends. They may be doing something with which you disagree at the moment, but then that will apply to almost everybody.

Consider yourself lucky that’s all your roommate is doing.

When I lived in college residence (we had townhouses shared with multiple people rather than dorms) my roommates would throw parties and their male guests would come into my room while I was asleep, or they would bring home male guests from the bar and have loud sex with them, as well as hang posters in the common area of naked female strippers from the strip clubs they went to. I complained and moved three times in one semester. It wasn’t until my parents came with me during the Christmas break and gave administration an earful that concrete steps were taken to rid the residence of such immorality.

My biggest concern at the moment seems to be whether or not I have to report this or anything (if it helps, this is a Catholic university); I know a lot of people who use these sites, and I’m pretty sure it’s how most people in Western countries watch anime since not a lot of it’s available, but I don’t think that necessarily excuses it.

Well I don’t know. I mean I’ve never been one to get involved in reporting stuff. But then that’s probably because I’ve lived in a glass house all my life. So I was usually the one who’d get reported. So I guess maybe I’m not really a good place to get advice on this.



I’ll give you the advice I’d give my own children in college: Mind your own business.

Oh please do not report this to anyone, it will be the death knell of your university life. If you saw someone being hurt, raped or bullied, then I would report it immediately, but this is just not worth what would happen if you reported this small matter. My daughter attended a well known Catholic university about a decade ago and I can attest that dorm life is, to say the least, quite interesting. I’m sure you will find “your group” soon, and will not care what your roommates are doing when it comes to streaming video. Have a blast being on your own, meeting new people and learning how to study!!:thumbsup:

Is it an illegal website that lets you watch shows that are not on the air anymore/hard to see on TV?

or is it making them bypass needing to pay to access?

either way I really doubt that the FBI will raid over some college students watching anime on a cracked website(Im sure they have some one else to catch over major issues)

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