Rosaries around neck?

Hi everyone,

Well I have heard different responses for people wearing rosaries around their necks. Some say it’s dissrespectful in any circumstance, some say it’s ok if you have a devotion to Holy Mother Mary. There is gang in my area that wears rosaries around their neck as a gang symbol which I am very offended by. They have different colors which means different things. Plus, those who wear it as a Madonna fashion statement. I don’t think you should wear one around your neck at all.

What do you think?


To wear it as jewelry or a fashion statement, or rather any statement at all, is wrong, and offensive of multiple levels. However, some have worn it as a means of Marian protection in dire circumstances. This would be a more than acceptable instance to wear one. I have heard stories of this being true.

Growing up, my mother would tell us not to wear our rosary around the neck. Louis de Montfort, on the other hand, says not to be afraid of being seen as a peasant because you choose to wear your rosary openly around your neck. For many, especially Hispanics, wearing the rosary is a cultural statement. I found it interesting in a well researched novel by Tom Wilkerson on the Alamo that the Mexican Army wore their rosaries on their hats. They were quickly available for daily recitation.
I do not let current trends, whether they be gang members or those emulating Madonna, determine what I choose to wear or not wear. I take at face value, until I learn otherwise, that the person wearing a rosary is making a statement of faith. Many of those whom I see wear the rosary are not gang members. They may be non-Catholics who wear it as a necklace and witness to their faith in Christ.
Again, returning to Louis Montfort regarding praying the rosary, a sinner who prays the rosary will quit one the other, his sin or the rosary. Can we not say the same of those who choose to wear the rosary for other than devotional, and therefore sacramental, reasons? Either they will stop wearing the rosary or they will discover its power and begin to pray.
I tend to wear my twine rosary under my clothing.

These are 100% gang members. My religion teacher who also teaches high school says that these kids who wear the black rosaries get in fights, steal, and deal drugs. They have no intention of praying.

Where I live, it is those who believe in Jesus Christ, who do pray, that wear rosaries. Again, I trust God more than I do any current fashion trend. Have you read The Cross and the Switchblade?
Pray for these young people living the Vida Loca. God can change the heart of anyone.
One of the most effective mentoring programs around here has rehabilitated felons working with youth at risk. One of the things that is missing in the lives of many gang members is a positive male role model. This matching up of “the rough with the tough” is a way of leading the youth away from the same mistakes they made. I realize this is a tangent from the idea of wearing the rosary. I do believe that lives can be changed by the grace of God and through prayer. The person who has no intention of praying one day picks up the rosary and begins to pray. Think St. Monica.
I again return to St. Louis de Montfort Secret of the Rosary when it comes to wearing the rosary. It can be a very strong witness of faith.

I will say some prayers for them. Hopefully the Blessed Mother can bring the love of God in their hearts. We don’t need violence in schools, or anywhere.


:slight_smile: I agree.
During RCIA we were told not to wear the rosary, much to my disagreement.
A couple years later I read the Secret of the Rosary and I was so happy. I love that book.

Anytime someone wants to discourage signs of being a Catholic I think you should really think hard about that.

For so many reasons. Think of ALL the martyrs who DIED to practice Catholicism. And we have the freedom to be Catholics. No one can take that away. For years if anyone knew you were Catholic they would kill you! No wonder people proudly displayed their rosaries! This is a great thing to be a Catholic and to have the rosary.

Even if I didn’t say the rosary, I’d still wear the rosary.

Like it says in Secret of the Rosary, there is a benefit to even just wearing it. Even wearing the rosary is better than just totally rejecting it on all levels.

Original poster - I hope you have a change of heart about wearing the rosary. Read Secret of the Rosary. It will make you see that wearing the rosary is an old custom of Catholics, through times and places, the faithful have worn the rosary. People used to wear it just as a form of Catholic identity.

I wish we could wear around the neck and do not understand ok to hang from the mirror in our car. I follow the rule, but do not understand this one yet!

Because the car is Catholic!:smiley:

Thanks, that I know a little more now, my car is ok! :smiley: Maybe I need a rear view mirror on my shoulder to hang my rosary!

I made the commitment to pray the rosary with my wife at least once a week during lent, maybe I’ll understand by Easter.

**** I say: "YES!"
Never mind what idiotic gang-bangers do or wear; they take religious symbols and twist them into something trashy!
Once in a blue moon I’ll wear a Rosary around my neck (a very inexpensive one), but I much more prefer wearing other (blessed) Catholic medals. I do have a Rosary hanging on my rear-view mirror in my car… To me the Rosary and Crucifix are THE symbols of Catholicism; show folks that I’m proud to be Catholic and alert fellow Catholics that here’s another one! :crossrc:

I’m sorry I was so harsh in what I stated earlier. I had no reason to say it and especially in the way that I did. I hadn’t realized some of the things that were stated later in the thread. I’m sorry to those that I offended with my small view of things. I have learned a lot from what you all have said. Thanks for your patients as I learn a few things!

**I didn’t think it was that harsh; I’ve heard/read TONS worse! That was sweet of you to apologize, tho; takes guts to do something like that. We’re all in this learning experience together! Only God knows everything - He’s the ultimate Mr. Know-It-All :wink:

GOD BLESS YOU!!! :thumbsup: **

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