Rosaries as fashion: Does this offend anyone else?

Today I went clothes shopping, in a teen store, because well, I’m a teen…<_< but I was looking at shirts and they had a shirt that came with a rosary like you’d see a necklace come with one, and it’s not a “religious” store, and I was personally appalled because it was being used like a fashion, and then I went over to the sunglasses, and jewelry and there they had rosaries hanging, like necklaces, I also noticed in the guy stuff, they get rosaries too with an outfit on a mannequin. Opinions?

I can’t judge anyone else wearing a set of rosary beads, because I don’t know their intention. My motivation and only intention for holding a rosary is prayer.

What is fashion after all? Am I in need of fashion? Maybe I should see it this way:
Fashion is an expression for having something in common with others.
We Catholics should make the rosary our heartfelt and ardent fashion, because the whole life of Jesus is expressed in it through Mary.
I usually rejoice when I see someone with rosary beads and it is a good way of opening a conversation asking: “Why do you wear rosary beads?”

It doesn’t offend me as long as the rosary beads are not turned into sacrilegious expression against its beautiful, original intention.

Oh yea this ticks me off as well. I once saw a guy with a huge rosary around his neck al the time. I am about 90% sure he had no idea what it meant, must of thought it was a nice cross necklace. People need to understand that with the exception of certain religious orders, rosaries are not meant to be worn as jewelry. They are not a fashion trend, they are weapons and tools for the purpose of becoming closer to God.


It is inappropriate. Rosaries are not fashion accessories. Not to be worn as a necklace in any case, and neither to be hung from rear-view mirrors. Inappropriate indeed.

I wear my rosary every day. Most days I wear it under my shirt but other days I wear it outside of my shirt. I wear it “like” a necklace but I certainly don’t wear it “as” a necklace. I wear my rosary as a physical testament of my faith to anyone who sees it. It can be, if used properly, a way to open dialogue with people and God willing, attempt evangelization if the conditions were right. I’ve been asked on more than one occasion about my rosary by non catholics.

To your point, I also get offended when people wear it as jewelry. And until talking to someone who is wearing a rosary you won’t really be able to tell if they are doing it because it looks cool, or because they are serious about their faith and want to share it and promote it in every possible way. I always genuflect and make a sign of the cross before I put on my rosary, to show Christ His due respect.

This is not an issue in small-town Alabama, but even if it were, I have much more important things in my life to worry about than what people are wearing around their necks.

I was out once and saw an older woman wearing a plastic blue rosary around her head with the cross hanging down by her temple. At first I was upset thinking about what to say to her, then I thought how odd it was to wear it like that…And kept my mouth shut.

 Not referring to this lady I think many people are trying to get others worked up by wearing rosaries and enjoy the confrontation.

It’s unfortunate but Rosary’s have become gang symbols worn by gang members. There’s a very good chance when you see a young person wearing a Rosary, they’re a gang member.

I agree that rosaries are not fashion accessories. However, my reason for hanging one on my rear view mirror is that in case I’m in a fatal car accident, the police will see it, and know that I’m a Catholic. They will notify a priest- hopefully, anyway!

I also carry a card in my wallet that says, “I’m a Catholic. In case of an accident, please call a priest.” But one would have to dig around in my purse to find it- the rosary is more obvious.

I’m not saying that everyone who wears one is sacreligious, I’ve actually worn one, I don’t have a problem with people wearing them as long as they believe and know. I’m just saying that when they come with an outfit at a store that’s big in fashion and hung with all the cutesy necklaces that I find that disrespectful.

Something I thought of after I logged off this morning – rosaries purchased in “fashion” stores are not likely to be blessed, whatever difference that would make.

Agreed. I also just feel plain ol’ safer with it there, in my car. And there’s always the spur of the moment rosary for longer trips. I’m always happy when I see rosaries hanging in other people’s cars, knowing we share the same faith and all.

I once wore a rosary around my neck because I was going out and needed it for a special novena and I hate carrying my purse everywhere. It’s sort of a shame, because rosaries are so beautiful, I can see why people would want to wear them. But I also understand they’re so much more than that and can be viewed as offensive, especially when the person wearing one is not Catholic.

In my opinion this is popularily used in Hollywood(films and on the streets) to identify a young male of hispanic or latino decent. And in some places it is representative of a real trend amoungst young Latinos.

Even WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio Jr has a Rosary tattooed around his neck.

I think their feelings are genuine about wearing the rosary and identifying with the “traditional religion” of their people, most would probably actually use it or a diffrent one(in the case of those who have tattooed it on their body). However I think alot of Gang members, and/or “fans”, and/or youths, that are not of that cultural background tend to think “it’s cool, why not copy it?” and decide to wear one purely to be like their idols without realising these same people probably actually use it too. I also think youth clothing stores have noticed that trend and are exploiting it.

But this is just how I think the trend actually began. A few genuine young Latinos that like to use the rosary as a sign of their race and also most of the time, their religion(Which I don’t have anything against, I am more opposed to their gang lifestyle, where it exists), a trend noticed by clothing stores who have then proceeded to try and exploit it.

Yesterday while shopping I saw a guy (not even a hild or teen) with a plastic rosary, sucking on the crucifix! :eek:

Obviously, if he cared, he would not do that.

I know exactly what you’re talking about! There was a guy in a few of my classes this past year, and when he’d wear his he’s suck and chew on the crucifix. :dts:

Yes, this is the key. While it is not wise to judge the intentions of an individual wearing a Rosary, look at the circumstance under which such an action is being encouraged.

If I saw a mannequin at a Catholic bookstore with a “What part of ‘Hoc est corpus meum’ do you not understand?” with a Rosary around it’s neck, it’s clear that the image being encouraged is “Hey everyone! I’m Catholic!”

However, teen stores are not places that encourage any sort of religion or prayer, including the particular prayer the Rosary is associated with. So yes, in a teen store, the wrong image is being encouraged when they show rosaries on mannequins.

I completely agree.:thumbsup:

Wearing a rosary out of pride of being a Catholic: fine. Wearing a rosary just because it’s bundled together with Harajuku-style fashion accessories: no.

People in Hatfield identify me as a Catholic almost immediately because of the white rosary on my wrist, or the blue rosary on my neck (either-or). The most recent occasion on which it happened was after Thursday evening Mass! :smiley:

Was it an actual rosary? I have seen some costume jewelry that appears to be a rosary, but the number of beads are wrong. Not that it makes it any better, but it seems the “designers” of these jewelry pieces are out of ideas.

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