Rosaries at shrines


Hello my fellow Catholic friends,

I’ve been going on several small “pilgrimages” by myself the past couple years now and I noticed at many shrines there are several different rosaries hanging on statues. I’m unclear on this-do people leave them there as a token of their veneration? I doubt they are there for the taking, but maybe at some? I really don’t know. Can you help a reverting brother out here?



People leave them in memory of someone, or in hopes of a favor being granted. Outside of the Chapel of Loreto in Santa Fe, (where the miraculously built spiral staircase is) there is a tree out front that is covered in hundreds of rosaries. It’s actually quite pretty so see.
There’s no magic to it, it’s just a charming custom.


Hi Clare!

Good to know and nice hearing from you again too. I knew you’d set me straight-lol.



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