Rosaries in cars


Is it wrong to have a rosary hanging from your mirror? I’ve never seen this to be a problem. However, wearing them for the sake of fashion, I cannot stand.

But is it wrong to have it hanging in your vehicle?


I can’t tell someone else it’s ‘wrong’, but I don’t do it.:o

I keep my Rosary in the glove box. I had a co-worker tell me that I was angering the Blessed Mother by doing that. I still can’t see me putting it on my mirror. :frowning:

I also had a rosary for my keychain. It was really just a chaplet, but it was made to hang, rather than to be coiled into a ring (like a bracelet)

I can’t stand Rosaries around the neck, period… esp since so many that do it are not, and never have been Catholic, and now I’m seeing Catholics following… shouldn’t we be leading people to doing right? :confused:


This is just my opinion… But I think that if having a rosary on the mirror in your car reminds you to reflect and pray on the rosary more often then it is a good thing:) If it is only there for “decoration” then probably not.


I hang a rosary from my car. I see it as a form of witness. It’s saying " I’m catholic, I pray the rosary, and I’m proud of it".



I don’t think so. You aren’t wearing them for the sake of fashion. I have mine hanging on the mirror for protection on the road; reminder to pray while I have the time; and a firm statement that I am a Christian (i.e. a reminder for others to pray).

Incidentally, I used to have a full Rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror and it got in the way. When the air conditioner was on, they would blow back and forth and it was quite distracting. I went to a religious shop and they actually had a short pair (one decade only with a clasp to open and close) specifically made for rear-view mirrors! So I bought it. :slight_smile: My point is, if the religious shop is selling them, they must be okay.


I don’t like anything dangling in my line of vision. My “car rosary” is a single decade one that I made myself. Typically though, when driving (versus being a passenger), I either pray along with a recitation of the rosary on a CD or I use the bumps on my steering wheel to keep track.



I am glad you pray the rosary. But I am afraid that most people who hang their rosary from their rear view mirror do so for show and never use it.

Mine is in my pocket. Always, unless I am using it. :thumbsup:

Mary, Queen of the Rosary, pray for us.


You are right about most people not using the Rosary hanging around the mirror. However, it may be because they are too much of a hassle to remove and replace and not really convenient to hold along with the steering wheel. I just use my fingers while driving, but they are not there for “show”. It is my constant prayer to Our Lady for protection on the road and a reminder for me to pray and a witness to those around me (just like my pro-life bumper stickers - not for show, but for making a firm statement).


I used to think it was tacky but have changed my opinion and keep a spare rosary there. It has turned out to be quite pragmatic actually. A number of times I have accidentally left my preferred “primary weapon” at home (a beautiful Swarovski Crystal rosary my late wife carried in our wedding). So the cheaper lighter weight “secondary weapon” hanging on the mirror has been very handy. One never knows when The HS might stir one to make an impromptu stop at the adoration chapel, morning mass or the graveyard. As well, I agree with a prior poster - its great Catholic advertising. I have seen a number of people speed up next to me and do a double take to see what audacious guy would be so bold to hang a rosary from the mirror of a high performance German auto. I have gotten more than a few smiles and thumbs-up from all ages - teens to retirees. I have also seen at red-lights people in the rear mirror annoyed and shaking their heads while rolling their eyes (as one later sped around me I had to burst into laughter when I saw the Calvary Chapel parking decal - perhaps the pastor annoyed a Catholic was “off the reservation”. :smiley: ).

Oh Yeah - I am all for it.

Just use a lighter weight rosary that is not fragile or something that is plastic coated etc. that will not smack the console every time you hit the breaks or turn sharply.

Ohhh, one other benefit I should mention. It makes an awesome G-force or lateral-acceleration and banking indicator when taking corners at high speed or accelerating off the line. I can almost get mine to swing to within about 25 degrees of horizontal (fore-n-aft or left-n-right) if I really lay into the accelerator or spin the steering wheel into the stops while downshifting. I know that if it gets much higher than that then I am at the limits of the vehicle’s ability to stay earth bound and then its time to say prayers or more commonly just ease up off the accelerator or brake. :smiley:

Fuzzy dice and cheap Mardi Gras trinkets have finally met their match… :smiley:



You sir, win one Internet. That is the most awesome post I have ever read on CAF! :slight_smile:



I find some joy when I see a Rosary hanging in a car. Maybe whoever is driving isn’t Catholic and for them it is merely decoration but it brightens my day and reminds me to pray. Especially for whoever is driving that car.

Personally, I have a crucifix like you see a priest wear hanging on my rearview window. It doesn’t distract my driving, doesn’t block my vision and I feel it is no different than hanging a crucifix in my house. Whatever bolsters my faith and the faith of others.

Wearing the Rosary is something I saw alot in Europe. I know alot of non-Catholics do it and I figure you never know where that can lead - God works in mysterious ways.


I have a rosary hanging from my rear view mirror. It reminds me to pray always, and show my witness, even through my driving.

As for wearing them, my son sometimes wears one, and I encourage it if he is doing it for the right reasons. My grandfather used to always wear his big purple beaded rosary while working in construction. And he was big enough that no one ever said anything bad about it!

There is nothing wrong with wearing a rosary.

God Bless,


I don’t have a car (right now… hopefully soon), but when I do get one, I will have a rosary on my rear-view mirror, for the reasons that have been posted. I have been looking at several St. Christopher medals and visor clips and will purchase one of those as well.

As far as wearing them. When I do wear a rosary, I will wear one of the knotted cord rosary that I have made. It is very simple in design (so it won’t be mistaken for a fashion statement). Though I generally only wear one when I don’t have any pockets to put one in (due to wearing a skirt).

The business of having a rosary in the car reminds me of a joke. A little old lady was driving. In her car, she had a rosary, several St. Christopher medals, and several pro-life and Catholic bumper stickers. On a really bad day, she started using some really ahem bad language and obscene gestures towards other drivers, and was using her horn copiously. She was pulled over by a police officer, whose first question was, “When did you steal the car?”.

Reminder for all of us (especially me) to make sure that we’re worthy of displaying articles of faith.

God Bless!


I keep a rosary hanging from my rear-view mirror primarily to remind me to pray (and not to get angry at other drivers) :smiley: , to make a firm statement that I am a Catholic, and as someone else said, in case I leave my primary rosary at home and need one.

Pax Vobiscum


I have one hanging from my mirror. I also have a ten-bead w/cross Rosary that hangs from the turn signal lever. It just so happens that the Rosary is said on Catholic radio while I drive a distance to pick my daughter up from school. The drive is more peaceful and I am more courteous to other drivers. Some day, we will know how that Rosary changed the life of someone, just because they saw it, or saw you praying it.


Great! Makes my day…




I don’t think there is anything wrong with hanging a rosary from a car mirror. I just don’t hang anything from my car mirror. I don’t want anything distracting that will impede my vision while I am driving. Every car has blind spots, and I don’t want to create any more on my own!

I do have a St. Christopher medal pinned into the material on the top of the car in between the driver’s and passenger’s sun visors. That does not impede my vision while I am driving.


How can you tell a Catholic is speeding?


Please explain!

You speak of the rosary and a chaplet. “…just a chaplet…” you say.

In French the word for rosary is chaplet - so to my mind a rosary and a chaplet is one and the same thing!

Your comments seem to indicate otherwise:confused:


I just recently got one of those car rosaries…it’s a single decade and is made to attach to the rear view mirror. I got the St. Christopher one (the patron saint of travelers) and it came with a prayer card for the motorist with a little note at the top that says “I’m a Catholic, In case of emergency, call a priest.” I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyhow, it helps me with my road rage. :thumbsup:

As far as an actual rosary…I always have mine in my purse so I don’t leave home without it! :smiley:

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