Rosaries in the rear view


Is it offensive to hang a rosary in the rear view mirror of the car, is it a sin? What is the churches teaching on these matters?


As long as you are not using it in an unholy manner I don’t see what is wrong with it.

I have one in my rear view and it reminds me to pray and think of God. I also might use it if I am stuck in traffic and have the free time or on lunch break.

Plus I always have one with me then.


We were told as long as we weren’t using it for sole decoration because it is pretty, that it is fine to have it there.


I think its fine, as long as its for prayers.


In it’s press release concerning the ten commandments for the road, the Vatican recommended the rosary as a way to fight road rage - our own road rage. I have to confess having to reach for my peace beads a time or two to battle those inner rage demons of mine.


I couldn’t resist. :smiley:


Our daughter brought home a little crafty alternative from Sadochok. It is a little foam cross, with about 5 colored beads on each side. It has the same affect. Just a suggestion to those that don’t want to hang a Rosary from the rear view mirror.:wink:

But I shouldn’t talk,
(We have a 3"x5" Icon of Jesus Christ the Teacher mounted on our dash) :eek:


I have recently taken to keeping a rosary hanging from my rear view mirror so that when I want it I will a) have it with me and b) know where it is. It has no value if all it does is hang there, but since I am a victim of “out of sight, out of mind” it is good to have it always in sight.


I actually keep a rosary ring on my key ring. I get easily distracted by shiny things in front of me…

But I do keep a traditional rosary in my purse. It’s easily accessible if I need/want it.

Helped me keep my sanity during State-Testing today…


Of course it’s not a sin - if you’re using it in the right spirit, as a statement of your Catholic faith and a reminder to pray and to drive as befits a Christian (ie no speeding or road rage).


I know when I see one in a car next to me or in front of me, it makes me smile. I love to see people who are proud to show their faith.


I got a special “car rear view mirror” rosary for Christmas from Fr. and our DRE (director of religious ed.) blessed by Fr. I really like it there because it is small enough not to be in my way while driving yet big enough to remind me to pray through out the day while out and about.

Brenda V.


Can you tell me where he bought it?



In my city, the Mardi Gras party is huge each year. It is one long drinking binge, day and night with very “adult” behavior, not “family friendly.” People hang the beads from the parade on their rear view mirror. So I hang my rosary beads to show that I would never get anywhere near a baudy event like that. It’s like saying, "My beads are better than yours!"
I see little fish icons on cars to show the owner is a Christian and other ones that are a fish with feet that have Darwin inside and then there are the ones where a fish is swallowing the fish with feet that have Darwin inside. So my Rosary beads are in the same vein.
Only in America would we do things this way.


Anything hanging in the rear view mirror is an obstruction to driving and therefore could cause accidents and should be considered sinful. There are other places to store a Rosary in the car. I wish people would check the law before they do these things.


Hello everyone,
here in the U.K.road rage is quite a problem in certain areas, and I purchased a rear view mirror Rosary to help me stay calm when faced with some of the idiots on our crowded roads. I actually sent off to someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma for this as I have never seen them in this country.I hang mine on my gear lever which is built in to the centre of the car and not in the middle of the floor as is usual with most British cars.It is highly visible and does not cause a distraction and is not breaking any safety laws,which are very strict over here,I find it a great help,
God Bless,
Location, Nottingham (Robin Hood country) England


Well, I’ve learned something. Up until now, I always considered a rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror to be a bit disrespectful.

God bless you all.


I have a rosary hanging on my rear view mirror.

Would I be more likely to getting a ticket instead of a warning if stopped by a protestant policeman?

If so that is something I gladly offer up to God.


Much MUCH less obstructing and dangerous than mobile phones (even when used handsfree), loud music (even if only moderately loud), other adults in the car talking to you, kids in the car acting up … none of which are either sinful or illegal. :shrug:


You don’t have to let it dangle full length from the mirror. I wrap mine around a couple times so only the medal and crucifix is hanging and the beads are tucked away.

Otherwise air fresheners are also “illegal.” :rolleyes:

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