Hey all,

I’m entering RCIA starting this Sunday, and I was interested in buying a rosary. However, I have no idea what I’m doing from a buying perspective.

Should I look for a certain material, quality, etc., or is it simply a matter of personal taste?

Thanks for your help.



It comes down to your personal taste and budget. An inexpensive one works just as well as a expensive one.


It’s pretty much personal taste. I have so many rosaries laying around that I probably won’t need to buy one for a long time–I keep picking up free ones whenever they’re around. But from a personal perspective, the prettier rosaries with chain links between the beads tend to break easier than cheapies made from plastic beads or knotted twine. My great-grandmother’s old pearl one is currently at the jeweler’s and costing me a heap because it broke off in several places, even though it’s been used pretty gently.

So unless you want to make a family heirloom or something, I’d stick with a sturdier, plainer one. These have always caught my eye. I wish I could make one. They’ll even send them for free if you mail in a request.


I think a nice compromise might be a rosary made with wooden beads and sturdy cord. They look better than plastic beads, and last longer than those made with chain.


Hi Jason :wave:

I’m just starting RCIA as well :thumbsup: As for your rosary question, I think it is indeed a matter of individual preference. For example, personally I don’t like the feel of metal chains, I prefer cord.

Awhile back, there was a thread which was a ‘showcase’ for folks to post pictures and talk about their favorite rosaries … it may be of interest to you:

Also, here are a few online resources … perhaps ‘browsing’ a bit may help you to narrow down the choices and find what is pleasing to you:

I got mine here:


If you’re just learning to pray the rosary, I recommend this lovely little book … just the right size for purse or pocket. It gave me ‘training wheels’ to learn the mysteries in their proper order, and has lovely artwork and nice scriptural meditations for each mystery:

Praying the Rosary
Praying the Rosary. Edited by Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P. This 48 page book explains the history, prayers and mysteries of the Rosary. It features the artwork of William Luberoff. Size 3 1/4x 5 in. Softcover.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Usually I love Leaflet Missal, but when my children were baptized (together, a couple of months ago), they were each given a Rosary from L.M. One was Our Lady of Guadalupe in keepsake box, another was the “moonstone” rosary, plus several others (probably cost around $10 each). Every single rosary broke in multiple places within a few uses. There are so many links and missing parts around here, I think I will just have to bury them.

I recommend finding something really sturdy. Also notice how the links are. If they are easily bendable, or detach when the rosary is bent this way or that, don’t bother with it.

Good luck and hope you find a great one to use often! :wink:


One that you will enjoy using every day. The way it “feels” in your hands should not be overlooked.


Wow, Sarah, I had never heard that about Leaflet’s rosaries. Good to know, although what a shame. :frowning:

I found this site not long ago (I forgot to mention it earlier):

I’ve never bought anything from her, but she says:

“Rosaries are used for prayer, so they should be made of suitable, durable material. Our Mission at the Light of Heaven is to provide you with a rosary that will last a lifetime, and yet is affordable. My rosaries are meant to be prayed on.”

Might be worth looking into?


personal taste
in our parish, we will give you a rosary, probably in October, and teach you to pray it
you may also receive more than one as gifts when you enter the Church
if you see one you like and can afford, pick it up

Welcome Home!


I have a Rosary question. I have an aquaintance who wears one as a necklace because she thinks it’s pretty. She is very anti-Catholic and anti-religion in general but she likes that Rosary as an accesory item. I’m not Catholic…yet… but I am still a bit offended by this. Should I be? I have never said anything to her for fear of pushing her away from any religion even more than she already is but it still bugs me.


If you have money, get the one that you like most. Your first rosary will be special too you. I was raised loosely catholic as a child, but reverted around 2 years ago, and my first rosary when I came back is very special to me. When I went to basic training I didn’t bring my rosary because I wasn’t sure if it was allowed there. Well I picked up a free one that I prayed every night even though I was so tired and ill. It has a lot of meaning to me because it got me thru a lot there. I also found one that I had made in catholic school (i went there from 1st to 3rd grade) that I like to use the most, for the simple fact it has bigger beads for the our fathers than the hail marys. I prefer this over there being extra chain or rope in between the our father beads to distinguish it form the 10 hail Mary beads. Make sure you get a feel for it and maybe even pray a decade on it at the store before buy it. It will be special to you for sure so do it right.


I have in the past tried to say something nicely to an acquaintance who also wore rosaries as fashion statements - something along the lines of ‘to you it’s only fashion, to me it’s a very important and highly significant object - please respect my beliefs and stop wearing it. Would you like it if I took your mother’s wedding ring and wore it as an earring just because I thought it was pretty?’

My acquaintance protested at the time, but I haven’t seen them wearing one since then … :hmmm:


Perhaps you could invite her to pray it with you since she is wearing it and you assume she must have some devotion to Mary to wear it all the time.

In addition to Lily’s advice, should she decide to keep wearing it and she has to look at it to put it on and take it off, pray that the presence of the rosary, with crucifix around her neck will bring Christ to her mind and heart through Mary and convert her.

To the OP - it is a matter of personal taste. When I first converted, I liked wooden beads with cord. It was quiet, didn’t clack or rattle and the wood felt alive. Now I have several (like about 10) of varying substances - wood, stone, crystal, cord or chain. Somehow, I keep collecting them, some I bought, some were given to me. It depends on how I feel at the time which one I use.


Personal preference. As another poster said, how it feels in your hand is probably the biggest factor. I prefer heavy beads, wood, or stone, with metal links.

Do take your time. Your first rosary is special. I purchased my first and carry it with me everywhere.


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