Does a rosary have to be blessed before you can use it?


No, you can use it before it’s blessed. The first rosary I bought is still waiting to get blessed and it’s been well used! (Of course the one I use nowadays has been blessed)


No. I have many, many, many rosaries. Some I keep in my purse and other places that it could get damaged, so I don’t want those to be blessed. But, I have a few nice ones (for example, the one that my grandma gave me on my First Eucharist), which are appropriate for blessing.



I sometimes wonder the same thing - and at this point, I should know the answer.
While I’m not sure if I was told you could even count a decade on your fingers (if a Rosary wasn’t available), but I DO believe I’ve been told that prisoners of war have been known to have said a Rosary counting on blocks of their cell or similar story. I think I was told that many years ago.

When in doubt - just pray anyway !


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