Rosary and order of Mysteries


Praying the Rosary with the Luminous mysteries has a standard order: Sunday - Glorious; Monday - Joyful; Tuesday - Sorrowful; Wednesday - Glorious; Thursday - Luminous; Friday - Sorrowful; Saturday - Joyful.

Praying the Rosary traditionally without the Luminous mysteries would be Thursday - Joyful; Saturday - Glorious, with the other days of the week the same. But in the traditional form the Sundays of Advent are Joyful, the Sundays of Lent Sorrowful and the Sundays after Easter Glorious. I like this change for the liturgical seasons, and would like to incorporate this traditional practice with the Luminous mysteries.

I thought this might work nicely: the Joyful mysteries on the Sundays of Advent, the Luminous mysteries on the Sundays after Epiphany, the Sorrowful mysteries on the Sundays during Lent, and the Glorious mysteries on the Sundays after Easter. Would this be “improper” in any way? And would I still gain the indulgences from praying the Rosary privately if I prayed the Mysteries in this order?


You are free to pray any mysteries of the Rosary on any day of the week you choose. The designated days you mention are only suggestions. You can pray any mysteries you like on any day and gain the indulgences.


If your in a religious order you’ll have to follow their rules. But otherwise please yourself.


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