Rosary and Prayer intentions


Hello everyone. I have a question regarding intentions said for Rosaries . When doing a spiritual boquet for a 3 different people, and you do 1 rosary mentioning each of these persons names, can you count that 1 rosary as being said for each of the 3 persons that you included in your Rosary and mark it down on the spiritual boquet card as 1 rosary for each, or do you have to do 1 individual rosary for each? I hope I explained my question, and someone has the answer. Thanks, franzola


I guess one rosary could count for all three? :shrug:

Maybe you should just get them all Mass Cards, which are inexpensive but priceless! :smiley:

I sometimes get mine from


I believe the answer is yes. I hope so, anyway :o Because my daily Rosary is usually said for multiple intentions.

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