Rosary and Roman saints

How present are Roman devotions and saints present in the eastern churches? Like the rosary, and scapulars and divine mercy and stuff like that?

It depends on the particular Church sui iuris and may even vary from parish to parish. I’ve known plenty of Eastern Catholics who wear the brown scapular, pray the rosary daily, and could tell you more about Roman saints than they could about Eastern saints. I’ve also known Eastern Catholics who all but despise Roman devotions and, while they’re aware of Western saints, would prefer not to talk about them. But in my experience the bulk of Eastern Catholics are somewhere in the middle between those two extremes.


Far too much.

While there is nothing wrong with an eastern taking up a western deviation (not deviation, ^(_% spellcheck!) , when done as a parish, or even coordinated with one, they inevitably displaced the native practice.


It depends on the Church. I know of a Byzantine Catholic Church (Ruthenian) that celebrates the Divine Liturgy in the feast of St Francis of Assisi and parishioners bring their pets for a special blessing. I wouldn’t say that is a particularly Eastern practice. I know of many Byzantine Catholic parishes that say the rosary before matins/orthos. As @dochawk said, native practice shouldn’t be replaced.


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