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I am looking for a good audio rosary app that I can pray along with in the car while driving. I have tried several and the readers speak very quickly and not what I think of as a reverant prayer experience. Thank you!

I use a CD by ProMultis Media for saying the Rosary while driving. You can get it in either English or Latin. I have both. The wife likes the English one better. I prefer the Latin version.

Could you give us some examples of what you consider to be praying too fast?

I use the Laudate app. They have different podcasts of the rosary you can listen to.

They say the prayers very quickly - not like a person who is trying to ptay thoughtfully but, rather, someone just saying the words as fast as possible to get done.

Discerning Hearts is one of my favorite audio Rosaries. I think their pacing is exactly what you are looking for.

I personally use the MP3 downloads on an iPod, but they do have an app:

Laudate is such an awesome app! :thumbsup:

That’s great. Vatican radio I suppose has a latin rosary podcast, though I am not sure about it

Thank you all! I am now blessed with a variety of rosary prayers to pray with. God bless you!

Yes it is! I use it all of the time!

Relevant radio has a nice app. Icon for prayers in the top right corner of their. Harder to get to on the web. Several choices including scrptural version which i use every day.
All can be downloaded.

Thank you!

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