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Good day my brothers and sisters,

Just curious if anyone could recommend an application that they may use on their smartphone or even a digital download of the rosary being prayed.
I used to have a CD that the bishop of my former diocese produced and he along with a few children recorded themselves praying each mystery and its corresponding decades of the rosary. It was very nice to have especially while driving.
Unfortunately, I misplaced it at some point. Since then I have been searching for something similar but the great majority of recordings that I have found sound very robotic or computer generated.
I do very much enjoy praying along with Mother Angelica but in order to do that I have to be watching EWTN or using YouTube.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

In Christ,


The old stand-by that everyone seems to find popular (myself included) has various rosary options, including interactive and downloadable meditations: Laudate


If you go to this site you can download audio files of Mother Angelica praying the rosary. Also audio of Fr. Pacwa’s Holy Land Rosary and the International rosary. Just search for “rosary” and they will come up:

This site also has a very nice audio rosary:

And Rosary Army has audio downloads of the regular rosary and a scriptural rosary:


I have an app callled simply, HolyRosary (iPhone). John Mmeineke is the listed developer. Automatically selects the mysteries and can adjust playback speed.


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