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I love praying the rosary. Mostly I use beads, sometimes fingers if I’m caught out, occasionally I’ll pray along to an audio or tv recording. I’ve just discovered apps. Yes, I know what a dinosaur that makes me! I had a go at using one this afternoon, and it was kind of weird to be pressing the screen instead of passing along to the next bead, almost like I wasn’t doing it properly. Do you use a rosary app? Do you like it, and was it something you had to get used to?

Personally, I’m not a fan of rosary apps. There is just something to holding actual beads that triggers deeper meditation of the rosary for me. A rosary app just makes the rosary feel like it’s, well, an app – no different from my email, games, and other apps. I’m not saying that rosary apps are bad and if they cause more people to pray the rosary then that’s great. But they are not for me.

I prefer to use a physical rosary myself, but sometimes if I forget one at home or something, the rosary app can be a useful tool. I prefer the app iRosary when I do use an app because it lets me have the feel of swiping my finger across “beads” rather than merely tapping the screen.


I use my rosary app when traveling. I plug my phone into the…thing that makes it so the sound comes out of the speakers of my car, whatever that is called. It has music and is long, and I first I didn’t love it, but I do now, and it is great for commuting and making use of otherwise wasted time!

Inside the Laudate app are a variety of rosary apps. I like listening to Sound of the Rosary audio while I recite the prayers. I use my actual rosary, not fond of screen taping, its distracting. The purpose I use the audio is to not be distracted.

I tried one once, just once. Not tactile enough, gotta do the beads!

I myself prefer the actual beads, gives me the feeling of hope that I’m actually holding the hand of Mary, moving over each bead, instead of just holding my phone and tapping a screen.

I use my Rosary while praying with the spoken or sung Rosary in the Laudate app, or the Rosary Player app. I don’t have to press any buttons except for ‘begin’.

I highly recommend the Laudate app as it has many options for the Rosary and Divine Mercy, not to mention the tons of other helpful information it contains.

You might like an Interactive Rosary website that gives you a similar experience
as saying the Rosary on your own, but easier. You read the prayers that are embeded
into beautiful graphical images of Mary and Jesus’s in the four sets of Mysteries.

[INDENT] Joyful --------- Glorious --------- Luminous --------- Sorrowful

Makes it easy to meditate on the current Mystery. Takes about 16-17 minutes
to read instead of 20+ minutes on mp3 or CD.

No app required, No adds. Smartphone optimized.

Available in 17 Languages. Post here if your language is not shown.[/INDENT]

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