Rosary beads....

My wife and I are new to the Catholic Church and wondering if someone could recommend an approved place online to purchase rosary beads?

Try the EWTN store, personally, i’d buy these ones, next time i get some extra cash i am xD but they got tons of Rosaries there, God bless

amazon, there is a great variety for low prices. i’ve got all my ROsarys there

Are you looking for full rosaries, or just rosary parts? Personally I’ve been having a hard time finding the latter - I’m wary of buying them online, sight unseen, and I don’t want to buy bulk.

The Catholic Company is a great source for rosaries, books, statues and all sorts of Catholic things.

Remember that once the Rosary is “ready”, it should receive the appropriate blessing from a priest. It is just a matter of asking him, often after Holy Mass.

If there is a Catholic bookstore or religious goods shop in your diocese, you might want to make a trip there before purchasing online. I’m a believer in supporting local merchants, particularly those who make their business an apostolate.

In addition to the sites mentioned already, you might want to consider this site:

The Sisters make all of their rosaries by hand, and include a prayer card with the rosary when they send it to you. On request, they will have their priest bless it for you before sending it.

I think they’re not in Communion with Rome

Rosaries need not be bought from an “approved” source.

ON the same topic, were can you get them huge Rosaries you see Friars havE?

I collect Rosaries. I find lots of good one on Ebay for a reasonable price. I must admit though that the site is becoming more popular because the prices are rising much faster than in the past. Still if you watch closely good bargins can be found. :smiley:

Try a thrift store, more economical and great to save them for a better life and appreciation.

Thank you for all of the helpful advice! As I said, my wife and I are new to this (currently in RCIA) and weren’t sure of the do’s and dont’s…this forum has been beyond helpful!!

I’d also second at least looking at a local Catholic store.

You should not have to pay exorbitant prices for one- unless you want precious gems or something, of course :). Mine were all under 20 bucks, and get regular use! Try them, and see if they “flow” through your hand nicely :slight_smile:

It is not necessary to buy a rosary or similar object from any particular source. You can buy from whoever you want, using common sense of course. That said, never buy a relic or holy water/Lourdes water online. The former is absolutely forbidden, the latter is just not a good idea because it is likely to be fake.

This is my favorite place. The rosaries are handmade, reasonable. It’s a non-profit online company, proceeds are donated to worthy causes.

They make custom rosaries, if you don’t see anything you like in their ready-made section. My last custom rosary cost $41. I chose the beads, center, crucifix, etc. The lady is a sweetie, sent me a picture by email of the rosary parts I had chosen for my custom rosary. As it turned out, the pater beads didn’t work with the rest of chosen rosary parts. We tried a couple of more options, and finally, found the right bead. The rosary is beautiful. There’s a link on the website for pictures of all the custom rosaries. They also sell rosary parts.

Rosaries by Speziale

I suppose I’ll ask here again, rather than starting a new thread on the topic…does anyone have a link to good, quality, non-bulk rosary parts?

Edit: the Speziale site doesn’t look too bad, actually - hadn’t clicked through everything. Would be nice to look at a few places though.

I usually order parts from but have also ordered from

I took a look at the Speziale site, too, but didn’t find beads. Maybe I was just missing them.

I always thought it was nice to support a religious order by buying their rosaries (if they sell them), especially if they make them themsemselves. :slight_smile:

Greetings in Christ,

Even though its not traditional for a Orthodox to pray the rosary. I pray mine and i have a home made one from the rosary army and it supports their mission:thumbsup:

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