Rosary Blessed by JP2


Hi family,

I lost a slip ring Rosary that was blessed by Pope John Paul the second. It meant a lot to me, and especially since lately, I’ve been wanting to pray the Rosary more for my Daughter who recently became a paraplegic due to a horse accident.

Could someone point me to a source where one could buy a rosary blessed by JP2?

Thanks so much!!!




E-bay is usually a good source - including for Rosaries blessed by previous Popes!

Pray hard to St Anthony in the meantime - he always helps when I’ve lost something :wink:


If you bought a blessed rosary it wouldn’t do you much good. Blessings cannot be bought and sold.


Blessed* items* can be, as long as a reasonable price is charged and it isn’t made more expensive because it’s blessed.


Hmm, I almost remember that being considered simony.

Guess it’s time for research! My favorite thing. :thumbsup:


People are entitled to be recompensed for the labour, materials and so on they expend in providing an item or a service, even if it is a holy or blessed (or even sacramental!) item or service.

Doing so is not the same thing as simony, which is paying specifically for the blessing or sacrament itself.

Paying your priest for the time and effort they spend performing a wedding is not the same thing as paying money FOR the actual sacramental blessing itself. After all, you pay money if married non-sacramentally by a judge as well.

So paying money for the materials and labour involved in producing a rosary isn’t the same thing as paying FOR the blessing attached to said rosary. You are charged precisely the same cost as for a similar but unblessed rosary - or indeed for any string of beads.


From what I have found so far; at worst, it is unlawful to sell blessed rosaries, at best the blessing is lost when it is sold.


I had one too. It broke a few days ago. I was so upset.:frowning: But I put it back together with a safetly pin and hung it on my statue of the blessed mother.

Say a prayer to St. Jude to help find it. It useally works.:wink:


Thank you all very much for your comments.

God Bless!!!



I’m sorry to hear that your daughter had an accident. :frowning:

I hope you find your rosary!!!


Dear Al,

I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s accident. I have said a prayer for her. I do hope you find your Rosary. What a treasure to have one blessed by JP2. I just got one blessed by Pope Benedict at Easter Sunday mass of this year.

Perhaps you might find some comfort visiting a website I created last year. Its an online Rosary filled with beautiful pictures to go with each of the mysteries. Let me know what you think. Its



What a wonderful site and full of fine artwork. I’ve favorited that one. I’m really glad to see the 15 promises as well. We probably only pray the Rosary 3 to 4 times a week. But we know we should pray it daily. I just got to show my wife, son and daughter. Thanks so much for sharing your site.

I hope this doesn’t sound crazy, but I bought a Rosary off Ebay that was blessed by JP2, Easter 2004. It was very reasonable. They seemed to be sensitive to the fact that you can’t profit from a blessed item - and I thought It can’t hurt. Its not the same though to me has having the one my friend took to Rome to have blessed.

God Bless!!!



Hi Al,

Thanks so much for the kind words about the site. Feel free to pass it on to whoever you like. The Blessed Mother would be very pleased with anyone who promotes the Rosary.

I was looking at JP2 Rosaries on ebay as well. I just wish I knew if they were authentic. But I would buy one as well, and probably will one day soon…



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