Rosary blessed @the Vatican

My friend recently visitied the Vatican and bought me a rosary he said was blessed by either Pope Benedict or Pope John Paul II. It is my understanding that blessed items should not be sold. I think my friend was just assuming it was blessed. What do you all think? Thanks.

He said “bought” but what he was probably asked for it was a donation, which is acceptable for blessed items.

What is meant by that is that a person may not ask more in compensation for a blessed object as they would for an unblessed one.

If I had made two rosaries, one unblessed and one was later blessed by the Pope.

I could ask for compensation for my work (and materials) in both rosaries, but I could not charge one cent more for the blessed one.

My Friend went to the Vatican and she bought the items, left them overnight and picked them up the next day after they had been blessed by the pope.

I don’t know if he blesses the items every day or every other day etc. but she said that was the procedure. Maybe its part of his morning routine when he’s there.

Can you imagine! They must just back up a couple of tiptrucks up to the Pope’s front door each morning and have him bless the whole load in one go :smiley:

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