Rosary CD for baby?

I watch my best friend’s baby multiple times a week. As part of putting him to sleep she often played what to me was an annoying baby cd so I started putting on a rosary cd instead. The cd has an Irish priest and some beautiful music. I sit in the rocker giving him the bottle and pray along until he goes to sleep. My friend also started using the rosary cd on her own.

The other day her mother-in-law stopped over and got very upset about the rosary cd. Her mother-in-law seemed to zone in on my friend saying it made her feel like her grandmother was watching over them and her mother-in-law said it was “evil” and that I was encouraging my friend to “perform voodoo” and summon spirits. There was also talk about how technology is not prayer.

I do not understand how it is considered voodoo or summoning spirits. Is it even possible to use the rosary for evil? It’s not like anyone was summoning dark forces. My friend’s happiest childhood memories are with her grandmother and she was not saying that she was literally trying to summon her grandmother’s spirit. . .

I know that a cd doesn’t pray but a person can pray along to it. It doesn’t seem evil to leave it playing for the baby. Is it a bad thing to do?

My friend was very upset about all this and I have no idea what to say.

Switch it for a CD of hymns, and don’t fret over it.
Some people just don’t understand, and really, you’re not the baby’s mom.
I know you meant well, but plain soft music might be a better choice since she made a scene.

You can pray the rosary yourself for the family. :slight_smile:

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