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For my brithday my wife says she would like a cd of someone saying the Rosary. Something she could say along with in the car. At one point, I found a sound bite on the Internet, but it was kind of creepy. It’d be nice to have it sound not so ritualistic. So does anyone have any good suggestions?


The one you can get for free from the Mary Foundation is nice. Just calm voices. It has the Divine Mercy chaplet, too.



This was suggested to me as well when asking a similar question. I know this probably won’t be a popular opinion, but I am not very fond of this version after having received it. It is a little mechanical in tempo for me, and lacks something for me. Your wife might enjoy it though, just one person’s opinion. The Mary Foundation has several good offerings, all free, just my opinion on their rosary cd. Please let us know what you wind up choosing? Several of us here are looking for the same… Thanks :slight_smile:


I have this copy of the rosary, and I like it:


Thank you mommyof4! :slight_smile:


This is the one I have

I just got it and really love it. For each mystery they have a different person saying the prayers along with Gretchen Harris who has a beautiful voice. The music is really great and meditative (is that a word?) but is very quiet so not to overpower the spoken word.

A great cd in my opinions. I got mine off of Itunes so I could put it on my mp3 player. That way I can listen to it on walks or at work.


EWTN has a whole bunch of different recorded Rosaries here - there’s almost certain to be one to your taste.

Or you might like the Rosary Army’s -

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