rosary chain turning gold


In a totally unrelated thread, someone mentioned a miricle where a silver tooth filling turned gold.

Which reminded me of people saying that their Rosary chain had turned gold.

Which I find difficult to believe.

Are people saying the chain turned from another material into gold as in 14-24 ct?

Or are they saying that a chain turned a gold color, possibly due to a reaction with skin oils or something?



I’ve heard of this before…and I don’t buy it.


Gold colour. Almost certainly there would have been a physical explanation in terms of oxidisation and skin oils. It happened to to us on an anti-abortion protest.


My string of rosary beads is doing this right now. I’m sure it’s because the plating is wearing off. The rings are probably made of brass. It’s kinda neat-o though, I never thought that they were “turning to gold.” That’s a sweet thought. Probably not true, but sweet!


I’ve had one, too. Gold color. Most likely a skin oil / hand lotion oxidation of the metal. But what if it’s not? Hmmmm.:hmmm:


I suppose if it happened all at once rather than over time and in patches (which tends to happen with natural oxidation etc) - and turned a bright gold rather than the duller greener shades that again happen with oxidation …


You don’t buy it and yet you buy God coming down in the form of Man, dying and resurrecting from the dead?


As someone who makes and repairs rosaries, I must inform you that it is simply the finish is exposing the base metal below.:frowning: If your pins and chain were made of sterling silver, it would indeed be a miracle if they turned gold, but most rosaries unless you pay a lot of money are made from plated base metal (copper/brass/nickel or some combo of those)

I often repair beloved rosary bracelets and rosaries and replace the pins and chain with shiny new ones as they have turned ‘golden’.



Why is there so little faith in this thread? Rosaries have turned to gold because the occasions ARE miracles.


I believe in miracles, just not that in every case it is indeed gold;). It is just that I have seen the ‘golden’ jump rings/chains/pins on so many occasions that my calloused fingertips can speak for themselves. A simple trip to a jeweler would clarify it, but if someone prefers to believe it to be a miracle, so be it.:thumbsup:


I think the OP was asking about the special occasions when one goes to Fatima or Lourdes and one’s rosary actually becomes gold.


:slight_smile: I have a rosary that is part brass plate on the cross part but it is olive wood and like a silver soft medal chain.
I had it blessed by a priest and it burned like in my pocket but not fire burn just hurt for several months. I think he might be part mystic but not sure, anyway I don’t got o that parish anymore. Everytime I asked him to bless objects I was wearing a certain jacket and then that jacket sort felt weird but it all dissipated after a while. In a way he sort of acted like he knew what was going on but I never really knew how to talk to him about it. I lent my jacket to someone to see what would happen and her personnality changed so that is why I don’t felllike putting to much inot it or one said stock. But you can imagine what Jesus did in the days of Him walking on the earth it must have been awesome:thumbsup: I don’t think you could take it to the bank though so just be happpy if you get blessed, maybe this generation of priests are going to be blessed with the supernatural gifts of the spirit. :slight_smile: Your rosary is probably part brass or gold tin? Dessert


Do you mean real gold as in fort knox gold or a golden color?


Isnt this a supposed “miracle” that occurs at that place that Shall not be named



Actually the plating rubs off cheap chains and they turn a brass color.

P.S. I’d fnd another dentist too.


Are we as catholics supposed to disbelieve medjurogje? I thought that the Holy See would only decide on the matter when its over with…



No, the color changes but it is a miracle, not wear and tear, because it is instantanious.


That’s a good one!


I heard Wayne (forgot his last name), the convert author on
Medjurogje speak of this, but I was under the impression that it was a gradual thing.

Thanks for the clarification.


Can people please tell me more about Medjurogje? I’ve heard one person on this forum say it is a hoax, but was told by someone else who went there that it is real, and that the Holy See will only make a judgement when the last people are through having their visions. BTW that person actually brought up the changing of rosaries into gold (although I thought he meant precious metal gold and not just the color gold).


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