Rosary - Changed to gold.


Most mornings I pray the rosary before going about my daily routine. This morning I noticed that my rosary that has always been silver is changing to a gold color. I am not looking for a “sign”. I am quite confident in my faith already. I just don’t want to overlook something thats significant. What’s the right Catholic point of view on this?


There could be any number of reasons the metal links in your rosary are changing color, most of those reasons having to do with the metal itself. Unless you know that the “silver” is actually quality metal (as opposed to a silver color), it could be any one of a number of effects that can happen to cheap metal as it ages.

If you have reason to believe that this is actually a mystical phenomena instead of a natural cause, then ask a trusted and orthodox priest or spiritual director to help you discern if you are being given a sign. In most cases of possible mystical phenomena brought to Church authorities, there is a natural explanation for the event.

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