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First of all let me say that I AM SO EXCITED! :bounce:

I am sponsoring a student organization at the PUBLIC high school where I teach and it just got approved by the principal today! Students will come meet in my classroom after school once a week to pray the Rosary. My only sadness is that I cannot do it every day (but I sort of need to provide after school tutorials in my room, its part of the job) Later on, if I get co-sponsors of other teachers in the building it could be expanded to more than one day.

Can you believe it? A public high school. The students are so awesome, and it should be up and running next week. Their enthusiasm is absolutely inspiring. I think that besides those who are already practicing their faith, this has a strong potential to bring some twice a year Catholics back into practice. This should be a good way for them also to make friends who will share their values within the school setting, which can be very hard. I love my principal! I just bought her a present because I love her so much for approving this!

So far I have been to the religious bookstore and bought a ton of cheap rosaries, though I imagine that many students will have their own.

I plan to create powerpoint slides and use my projector to project religious artwork depicting the mysteries we are praying. I think this will be helpful to students who are newer to the prayer and might not be as good at the meditative aspect. Since I will see them the same day every week, we probably will rotate mysteries rather than go with the one assigned to that day.

I thought I might make laminated cards with the prayers of the rosary. I will just make a word document and put in bold the part that the leader reads and the response will be regular font. This should help those that do know the prayers but are unaccustomed to saying the rosary as a group.

I thought I might make these cards in English, Spanish and Latin. I thought we would mostly start in English but can do Spanish or Latin from time to time. They seem interested in the Latin and this is also very exciting to see in young people.

The club is to be student led and so the rosary will be led by students, but I did want to teach them more about it. Luckily some of the seniors are very knowledgeable and I am close enough with them that I can give them special instruction on what to tell the group.

A coworker of mine heard about it and told me, you need to read the handbook on clubs and whatever you do don’t pray with them. This broke my little heart, but I decided this is such a great thing that even if I have to sit miserably not participating, this will be such a good thing to happen! I went to talk to another teacher that leads a non-denom prayer group to ask about that rule and she said thats not a rule, she prays with the students all the time as long as it is before or after school during the club meeting time. I was so relieved!

Anyway I was wondering if you had any suggestions, advice or ideas for this club. The students have not named it yet, and I trust they would do a good job, but do you have any suggestions?

We could definitely use your prayers. At this point I have had little opposition, but things could get rough later on. I fully believe that there is a huge, loving, all-knowing, all-powerful reason that it has been smooth sailing thus far in a pursuit that you might expect to be put down. :smiley:


I am amazed that you are able to make this happen in a public school. Wonderful!

As for suggestions, it would be a good idea for you to read Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter “Rosarium Virginis Mariae” (available here: ). Key points:
*]The Rosary is not just reciting a bunch of prayers; it is a way to contemplate the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary. The Mysteries are thus the heart of the Rosary. You will do your students a great service if you can help them understand this.
*]It is very helpful to proclaim a brief related passage from Scripture as you announce each mystery (see #30). PM me if you need suggestions for Scripture verses.
*]Allow a brief silent pause to allow the students to focus on the mystery before moving on to vocal prayer (see #31). They may be a little uncomfortable with silence at first; don’t make it too long, and explain why you are doing it.
*]In the Hail Marys, focus on the name of Jesus, which is the center of the prayer. To aid in meditating on the Mysteries, it can be helpful to add a short phrase after the word “Jesus” in each Hail Mary that refers to the current Mystery: for example, “blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, who was crowned with thorns,” “who rose from the dead,” etc. (see #33).
God bless your efforts!


Thank you so much! I will definitely use that letter.

I have a couple of pamphlets that have accompanying scripture, but would be very interested in what you might suggest. I also have a scriptural rosary that has a verse with each Hail Mary. Those tend to take a good deal of time, but if the kids are interested we can do that one too. I am very open to their suggestions as it is their club and I am not supposed to be the leader of it. Still, I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes meddling, so that this wonderful thing doesn’t go weird on us


This is a good idea. I will use it in my personal prayers.

I think it might be a good idea at the first meeting to discuss the rosary: Its history, its usefulness, how each student has used the rosary, etc. You can use this discussion time also to make rosaries. You can make them from knotted twine, and then the students will have their own “club rosary” that they handmade themselves, and it will be special to pass the rosary-making knowledge on to new students. Make some extra for new students, and you may also consider making some to distribute. Find out how to make them at, which is a lay apostolate that will give a rosary to anyone who asks for one. They also have other great rosary resources, like a prayer sheet that you are welcome to copy and distribute. Use your projector in the club and project the prayers on the screen, but then make sure each student has his or her own copy that they can use at home. Last, make sure that your club announcements specify that anyone is welcome to join you, not just Catholics. You should also allow anyone to stay and observe without praying, as long as they are respectful.

God Bless your Rosary club! I’m so excited that they would allow you to do this in a public school.


Rosary making is fun, I used to make them with my mother! I will definately bring that up as an option, especially if our group prayer and discussion doesn’t last long enough (I’m not allowed to release them into the halls until a certain time.)

The club is open to anyone with an interest in the Rosary. That is one or the reasons we are allowed to exist. The clubs cannot descriminate based on religion among other things. One thing I was a little worried about is if people who are interested, but of another faith come watch and then their parents get upset. I discussed that with the principal and she said it has never been a problem with the other Christian clubs. Still, something about the Rosary (Mary/repetitious prayer) gets some people very riled up!

Thank you all for your advice. Keep it coming! I am glad other people are amazed and excited that this is happening. I know my students are, but I felt like I didn’t have any adults to tell. I’m terrified of telling my coworkers haha. But the principal is excited so wooohooohooo


The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation
*]Luke 1:26–38

The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation
*]Luke 1:39–56
*]See how Mary’s “Magnificat” (prayer of praise) echoes the Old Testament:
*]1 Samuel 2:1–10 (the prayer of Hannah)
*]Isaiah 61:10
*]Psalm 105:8–10 and Micah 7:20 (God’s faithfulness to His covenant)

The Third Joyful Mystery:
The Nativity of Our Lord
*]Luke 2:1–20
*]Matthew 1:18–2:23
*]John 1:1–18

The Fourth Joyful Mystery: The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple
*]Luke 2:22–40

The Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
*]Luke 2:41–52

The First Luminous Mystery: The Baptism of Our Lord
*]Matthew 3:13–17
*]Mark 1:9–11
*]Luke 3:15–22
*]John 1:29–34

The Second Luminous Mystery: The Wedding at Cana[LIST]
*]John 2:1–11

The Third Luminous Mystery: Jesus Proclaims the Kingdom and Calls Us to Conversion
Many of the Gospel stories of Jesus’ teaching, preaching, healing, and forgiveness, including:
*]Matthew 5:1–12 or Luke 6:20–26 (the Beatitudes)
*]Mark 1:14–15

The Fourth Luminous Mystery: The Transfiguration
*]Matthew 17:1–13
*]2 Peter 1:16–18

The Fifth Luminous Mystery: The Institution of the Eucharist
*]Matthew 26:26–29
*]Mark 14:22–25
*]Luke 22:17–20
*]1 Corinthians 11:23–29
*]John 6:25–69 (the “Bread of Life” discourse)

The First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden[LIST]
*]Matthew 26:36–46
*]Mark 14:32–42
*]Luke 22:39–46

The Second Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar
*]Matthew 27:26
*]Mark 15:15
*]John 19:1

The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with Thorns
*]Matthew 27:27–31
*]Mark 15:16–20
*]John 19:2–3

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus Carries His Cross
*]Matthew 27:31–32
*]Mark 15:20–21
*]Luke 23:26–31
*]John 19:16–17

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion
*]Matthew 27:33–66
*]Mark 15:22–47
*]Luke 23:33–56
*]John 19:18–42
*]Philippians 2:5–11

The First Glorious Mystery: The Resurrection
*]Matthew 28:1–15
*]Mark 16
*]Luke 24:1–49
*]John 20:1–21:14

The Second Glorious Mystery: The Ascension of Our Lord
*]Matthew 1:16–20 followed by Mark 16:19–20
*]Luke 24:50–53
*]Acts 1:6–11

The Third Glorious Mystery: The Descent of the Holy Spirit
*]Acts 2:1–13

(The Fourth and Fifth Glorious Mysteries are not explicitly described in the Bible, but there are passages that foreshadow or suggest these Mysteries.)

The Fourth Glorious Mystery: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
*]Revelation 12:1–2 (Mary’s body is seen in heaven)
*]Psalm 132:8 (Mary is the “ark” who goes to the “resting place” God has prepared for her)

The Fifth Glorious Mystery: The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
*]Revelation 12:1 (“and on her head a crown of twelve stars”)
*]Psalm 45:10–16
*]Judith 15:9 (in praise of Judith, who prefigures Mary)


Bumping this thread.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for the club?
It has to be something that will give an idea of what we do but be somehow appropriate for a public high school.

The club has had 2 meetings, but I cannot turn in the paperwork for them to be on the announcements until we have a name. For some reason the naming of the club is a daunting task for the kids.

I would really love as many name suggestions as possible so that I can give them to the kids as suggestions.


This is a wonderful thing! I wish my school would have this. You are definitely in my prayers. I think the making your own Rosary would be a cool idea. It would promote club unity I think, and may help the club grow closer spiritually, as well as get to know each other better. Hmmm, how about Rosary Warriors? Or Soldiers of the Beads? Thats all I got right now, but If I think of any more I’ll let you know. God Bless!
Jacob :signofcross:


My daughter had a club with her playmates when she was young, and they all called it “the Blessed Mother Club” I thought it was a very good name. Appropriate to your club’s purpose too. Good luck, and my prayers and amazement go with you!


How about:
*]Mary’s Way (see #24 of Rosarium Virginis Mariae)
*]Crown of Roses (St. Louis de Montfort likened each prayer of the Rosary to a rose in a crown we offer to Mary)
*]The Prayer Chain (see # 36 of Rosarium Virginis Mariae)
*]Rediscovering the Rosary (see #43 of Rosarium Virginis Mariae)
*]The Bead Bunch (on a lighter note?!)


“The Rose Garden”

“Mary’s Kids”

“Ladder to Heaven”

“Ave Maria Club”

“Filled with Grace”

“Mater Dei Society”

If I think of any more… I’ll post them. We’re all thrilled, “Chilt” for your initiative… in getting this going in a PUBLIC school! WAY 2 GO! :thumbsup: The entire club is in my prayers. God bless.


Perhaps “Rosary for Peace” as a name? Might appeal to the strong peace sentiment in many young people.

By the way, I’m very impressed with what you are doing! Keep us updated, please.



Ok you guys are way more creative than I am haha. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the good ideas and prayers! I will mention these to the students. Hopefully they will hear one to their liking or it will give them an idea.

My hope is that once we get a name on the paperwork we will be able to have our meeting times read on the announcements. We don’t have quite the numbers I thought we would right now, but barely anyone knows about it. I have confidence that we will be a stronger presence next year. Being around at the beginning of the school year when kids are looking for clubs to join is a big deal. For now we just need to stay afloat long enough to make it to next year.

Supposedly there are some other teachers who want to come to the meetings. I hope they do. I would really like to have some Catholic friends at work.


They are all good suggestions! Don’t discount yours. I really like the beads idea. That might be something that doesn’t sound over the top Catholic (even though our club very much is) but it still captures the Rosaryness of it all! :slight_smile:

I could see them incorporating beads into the name somehow. They have been wrestling around with some combination of “intentions” and other words, since we try to pray for various intentions in the high school community. The problem with what they have come up with so far is “The Intentions” sounds a bit like a barbershop quartet and “Live with Intention” sounds like something a self-help guru would say. I think the ideas you all have provided will really freshen up their creative process! Keep them coming if you have more and thank you all so much for your input.


They are all good suggestions! Don’t discount yours. I really like the beads idea.

Haha thank you, I appreciate it! I know how hard it can be to choose a name. People can never agree. If I think of any more I’ll let you know! That would be cool if other teachers attended! I like all of these too! Mater Dei Society sounds cool. Im partial to the Latin haha, I think the students would fine it interesting. Try to combine them all lol.
Maria, Mater de Rosarium. Dont know if my latin is correct, but I just thought of that one. Sounds more like a “slogan” or phrase rather than a club name though.


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