Rosary Collection


Curious here. How many rosaries do you have in your collection? Thanks for sharing your input.


2, at the moment- my EDC one, from Rugged Rosaries, and then a more cheap one that was being given away for free at my parish, that’s my backup


Can’t say I collect them, but they seem to appear and disappear over time. Let’s see. Right now my favorite daily rosary is a nice wooden rose-smelling one from Rome. The backup is a cheaper metal one. A friend returned from Rome recently and gave me a bracelet one decade Rosary. And since I’m now praying to Our Lady of Sorrows I bought a Seven Sorrows Rosary (7 mysteries with 1 Our Father and 7 Hail Marys each). Finally, I have my late grandmother’s Rosary. It is broken and I have yet to get it repaired.


6 with a 7th partially completed. I make them myself. I’ve given a few away. The 7th will go to my sister.

(I forgot about the one over my bed at my mom’s. Made that one in 1st grade. :slightly_smiling_face: )


I’ve got around 10 or 12…my favorite is my grandfather’s. It’s around 100 years old now…


I have quite a few( many of them broken). I have been told that a broken Rosary means that a prayer has been answered and you should never try to fix it. So in all 5 broken Rosaries. And two intact just in case one breaks. I’ve also had rosaries that lost beads without any damage being done to the Rosary itself.


So! Funny story!

Prior to my conversion I was anti-Catholic and my sister had this rosary and at first I was REALLY hostile towards her and that rosary but finally I started asking questions. At first she was wary and suspicious and I don’t blame her but finally she explained to me how to pray the rosary…

And I became OBSESSED with the rosary! I started seeking out as many as I could find! I still wouldn’t PRAY the rosary but I had to HAVE them.

And they came to me. Once I opened up that door, I was flooded with rosaries! LOL!

After my conversion, they continued to pour in. I mean I get random rosaries in the mail. Once the priest just randomly gave me a rosary at Mass (mind you, he gave everyone one but still!).

I’m not 100% sure what the grand total is… but I can say I only paid for one. >.<

Let’s see… I think it’s about 9-10?

I display them on the wall over my bed in my bedroom because that’s where I pray and I think they are stunningly beautiful. I have a few that are blessed as well and those ones are kept in safe little boxes, tucked away where they won’t be lost or damaged.


Anyone have one of those big glow-in-the-dark ones as a child? Kind of a weird sick-green color?


I’ve seen those!!! I think I have one. Haha. It was one of the ones that randomly came in the mail!


We hung them on the bedpost and they emitted a very eerie glow.


I’ve seen those! Kinda creepy though.


OH gosh! Mine has always been wrapped up so I had no idea. I have enough trouble with nightmares! Think I’ll keep that one under wraps. Haha.


There are two I mainly use, a single decade one from Rugged Rosaries and a five decade one. I’ve got a few others here and there. I’m hoping to get one of the WWI ones from Rugged Rosaries though!


I currently have four. One is rose wood that I was given years ago, I also have an olive wood St. Benedict rosary but they’re both really fragile so I rarely ever use them. The one I use at home is Rugged Rosaries “ashes to ashes” model and the one I carry with me is a Catholic Gear WWI combat rosary.


Never heard that about broken Rosaries.


11, but I only use 6 of them frequently. I try to collect different colors and materials too.


Maybe a dozen or so. I buy olive wood Rosaries from the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America. $2.50 each, marked “Bethlehem.” Give them away as I ferret out the hidden Catholics around me.

Favorite? An olive wood with Jordan river water in the centerpiece. You see, Saint John the Baptist is my confirmation Saint. At adoration on Thursdays, our Lord is present, water from the Jordan is present and I’m certain that Saint John the Baptist is present. Makes that first luminous mystery all the more meaningful. Tears on occasion.


I have several, though I really only use the one I got when I reverted (it’s made of wood and cord). Sometimes I’ll use the one I have that was blessed by JPII for the Divine Mercy chaplet. The others were just found around the house (I live in the house where my mom grew up), and I carry them off to my room to protect them.



Ever heard that speaking/ thinking the Name of Jesus in a nightmare, can make the nightmare stop, and cause you to wake up peacefully?

I have read dozens of testimonies of people who have experienced no more nightmares since they began to use the Name Jesus like this.


That one looks a lot like the one I have- mine is more yellowed from age and use, though.

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