Rosary Confraternity indulgence question

I recently remembered that I joined the Rosary Confraternity last December, so now I’m trying to take advantage of the plenary indulgences you get for joining. I have not been forgetting to say my Rosary as I’m required to do, as I usually say it daily and make up any missed days later, I just forgot that I had joined the Confraternity, until I remembered and confirmed by finding an e-mail from last December in my box when the lady was assigning me a join date.

So now I have a question: In addition to being able to get a plenary on various feast days throughout the year, it says I can get a plenary “on the day of enrollment”. Does that mean I can get the plenary every year on my enrollment date?

That would seem to make sense, since most people will not know their exact enrollment date until the certificate comes in the mail. I only knew mine in advance because I asked for a specific date and have the e-mail correspondence with the lady at the Confraternity saying she would assign me that date. People who don’t find out in advance their date won’t know it till the certificate comes in the mail, by which time the original join date will be over, so they can’t take advantage of a plenary when they didn’t know what date it was on. It would make sense if you could just get one on that date every year going forward, presuming of course that you remain a member in good standing and meet the conditions.

Any other Confraternity members who have a thought on this “day of enrollment” plenary? Do you get an indulgence every year on your join date anniversary?

I enrolled in a Confraternity myself a few years ago.


  • For members of the Rosary Confraternity, a plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions, is granted:
  1. on the day of enrollment. (When application is made, a certificate of membership is sent, indicating the day of the enrollment.)

So, that doesn’t really help you, you are asking if it is every year. Maybe someone can come and tell us. It sounds like a question one would need to write or email someone in the know about. I don’t think anyone would have thought of this question ever. Very unique.

I have often wondered how to “claim” this indulgence. I usually do a rosary throughout the day, sometimes I don’t finish. It has been so long, I have no idea what the anniversary date is.

So every now and then I just ask to myself that the indulgence be passed on to a deceased relative. I often walk the stations after confession, those I switch back and forth between my parents and myself. Those I know are a pretty sure thing. Partial indulgences I usually pass on to our Lady.

The past threads on here talking about Rosary Confraternity say that to get the plenary indulgence, you need to be a member and complete the membership condition (praying all 15 decades within a week) the week of the day you’re trying to get it on, along with the usual other conditions. Makes sense to me.

I suppose I could e-mail the Rosary Confraternity and ask them the question. I was hoping someone on here already knew.

Hey @Tis_Bearself all woman in my family since my great-grandmothers were rosarists and I don’t think any of them knew what an indulgence was but they did pray several rosaries every day. So don’t worry about it.

God bless.

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