Rosary Confraternity?


I’m trying to join the official Rosary Confraternity. I just filled out the form on this website:

But I’m just not sure if it’s the real deal. Anyone have advice?


It is the real deal. Congratulations and welcome :thumbsup:


The Rosary Confraternity is awesome, and I like it as much as the Legion of Mary (probably because I love Mary).

Thank you for joining the RC! :slight_smile:


cool :slight_smile:


Is everyone here consecrated to Mary?


Welcome fellow confraternity members! :slight_smile:


I’m a member. Its the real deal!


Thanks everyone!:thumbsup:

It was great to pray the rosary last night. It really felt like I wasn’t praying it alone!


I love the idea and I would like to join, too.

Do you have to be Catholic to do so? Is it one of many rosary confraternities or THE? :wink:

When they say the entire rosary, do they mean incl. the luminous mysteries? I would pray them anyway but I would still like to know.

When I’m praying the rosaries to fulfill my obligation to the confraternity, do I have to pray them for the intention of the other members or also for myself and more importantly my family etc.?


As far as I know, the site I listed is their official site. They do have different headquarter locations in different countries. I don’t see any rules about being Catholic.

And yes, they include the Luminous Mysteries, but they are not required at this point. If you read through the obligations on their site, it’s all there. You can include as many people as you want in your intentions. :smiley:


I have a question about this. Does praying the whole Rosary include the 15 mysteries a day, or a week?


15 a week. Plus they recommend doing the Luminous Mysteries for an additional 5, but it’s not required. Basically, you do the best you can. It’s not a sin or anything if you fall short.


Ok, thank you!


There are different levels of commitment. Some people only pledge to pray the rosary once a week (20 decades total per week) while other pledge to pray 20 decades per day everyday.

It is important that you are realistic in what you pleadge to do.

When it comes to prayer: Quality not Quantity


Thanks, I enrolled today! :thumbsup:


QUESTION to Confraternity Members:

The site says the following… “Each member strives to pray the complete Rosary each week…”

Does this mean… 20 Mysteries all at once? Or can the “complete Rosary” be broken up, by days. Such as “Joyful Mysteries” Monday and Saturday; “Luminous Mysteries” Thursday; “Sorrowful Mysteries” Tuesday and Friday; “Glorious Mysteries” Wednesday and Sunday.

That is how I usually pray the Rosary… for lack of unbroken time to pray all 20 Mysteries at once.

Can I still join the Confraternity?

Thanks for your replies. (Sorry to the OP. Didn’t mean to hi-jack the thread).


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:


Each member strives to pray fifteen mysteries of the Rosary each week (this does not bind under sin), and must have his/her name inscribed in the register of the Confraternity. There are no meetings, no dues.

These are all the requirements for being a member of the Confraternity. One does not have to pray any of the extra optional mysteries Pope John Paul IInd suggested or suggested be invented (do not forget he merely suggested the Luminous as part of suggesting even more and other potential mysteries for meditation). The traditional and basic Rosary is all that is necessary. One does not even have to, though most everyone does, add the Fatima prayers.

Again welcome confraternity members! :slight_smile: We do not pray alone! We shall only know the depth of our collaboration in this Confraternity in the next life, and it is great to know a little of it in this! :smiley:


Shin, thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. :thankyou: I think maybe my question was misunderstood though… just a little bit. :o lol.

I wasn’t asking if we must include the Luminous Mysteries. I was really wanting to find out if we are required to pray the ENTIRE Rosary (be it 15 or 20 Mysterys) all at one time… or… can we break up the Rosary, during the week (by praying 5 Mystery’s per day)?



Oh you can break it up, it seems understood by the text and habit. :slight_smile: I think most people break it up in 5s, but honestly I see no reason why one couldn’t break it up into single decades if one wished to. :slight_smile:

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